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Brookfields Primary School

17th January 2022

Hello parents and nursery.


Hope you all had a good weekend and are well rested. This week we are going to continue to work around our story, Goldilocks and the Three Bears. We are going to make a chair for baby bear and explore different materials. 

In phonics we are looking at body percussion which is making sounds with our bodies. Finally in maths, we are learning to recognise numbers from 0-10.


Please have a go at the activities below.


Mrs Hussain and Miss Williams

Exploring materials

Go for a walk around your house with an adult and see if you can recognise and name some of the materials used in your house.

What is your chair made from?

What are your curtains made from?

Find a spoon, feel it and describe the material it is made from. 

Which materials can bend?

Which material is the strongest?


Can you find some empty boxes, bottles or containers and have a go at making your own chair?

Bring your chair to school, I would love to see your chair.

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