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Brookfields Primary School

A Message from Mrs Lees

Friday 3rd April


Dear Parents,

We hope that you and your family are keeping well and that the first couple of weeks of having the children at home during the day is going well.

The school has stayed open for the children of key workers, stringent measures have been put in place to ensure cleanliness and social distancing. The school will be closed over the Easter holidays as no parent required a place.

We have been grateful that where possible parents who are key workers have been able to make alternative child care arrangements, making the social distancing easier.

We hope you are finding the Learning Packs we sent home with the children useful. We hope you have been looking at our website each day to see what lovely activities the Class Teachers have been adding each day.

We understand that trying to facilitate children learning at home can be challenging and it is important to acknowledge that this is not Home Schooling; this is an unprecedented emergency situation impacting on the whole world and everyone is adapting and trying their best. In response to the unusual situation we are currently facing, there has been a wealth of resources and materials for children and families shared over social media and various websites in recent days.

We are keen to support you to make learning at home manageable for all involved and recognise the pressures on families with parents trying to work from home, share devices and facilitate the children’s learning all at the same time- which is a challenge! We have tried to make as many of the activities independent as we can.

We will continue to set work via our website to help your child maintain a sense of routine, but please don’t feel under pressure to complete every activity - they are not compulsory. Please be reassured that when the children return to school we will adapt our teaching accordingly to take into consideration the break in school learning and the areas of the curriculum which have not been covered in school.

It is important to note, we will not be setting any homework over the Easter holiday - this a time for a complete rest and recuperation, hopefully as far as work commitments will permit, for the whole family.

Brookfields Primary is a family, we want to stay in regular contact. Every family will have received a phone call from either myself or a member of our team. It was lovely chatting with the children and reassuring them that we are still here and we are thinking about them.

When the good weather finally arrives, please make the most of it, encouraging the children to go in the garden. Outdoor play, nature hunts in the garden, reading outside, making dens and gardening are also great learning opportunities. Helping around the home and keeping in touch with family members are so important. Children may even like to read a story or poem to grandparents on Face Time. This time at home offers a great opportunity to promote reading for the well-being of the whole family.

Whilst looking after your children please remember to look after yourselves too.

It is a really unsettling time for everyone, but one of the positives to come out of this is the community spirit, thinking of others and acts of kindness – the recent applaud for the NHS staff, who are doing an amazing job, was a lovely example. Long may that continue when we get through this difficult period.

With our very best wishes,

Mrs. Lees and the Brookfields’ Staff. xx

Emergency Easter Key Worker Support - 

If you urgently need cover of the Easter Holidays and have 2 key worker parents or are a single key worker parent, Anglesey Primary are providing a hub for Ladywood.

Please email: to enquire about a place.

You will need to provide proof of your occupation in the form of an ID page or equivalent.

Upon arrival you will need to complete permission slips for sharing of information from Brookfields Primary such as safeguarding and medical information.


Please remember this is for emergency use only. 





We have seen a number of children playing in groups in the park. I know it is hard - and the weather is so lovely - but you must not play with each other at the moment. Please think about your families, follow the rules, keep your loved ones safe.


School places

We are operating a very small scale provision for key workers. 

We are taking steps to minimise contact between staff and parents to ensure our staff stay healthy and can remain open and operating a skeleton staff for key worker children.


New health guidance:

The Government very clearly states that:

"If it is at all possible for children to be at home, then they should be."

We have been advised that asthmatics on steroid based inhalers should not be in school.

Our staff are working on a rota to avoid prolonged contact with others, this will reduce the risk of all staff becoming infected and not having adequate staffing levels. We have taken steps to reduce physical contact between children but this is not always possible. Any child who shows symptoms will have to remain home and self isolate with their family.



The Learning Project Overview


Why have Learning Projects been created?
Learning Projects have been created in response to schools shutting due to the Coronavirus outbreak across the UK. The projects have been created by a wonderful team from Robin Hood MAT and edited by Brookfields' staff to meet the needs of our pupils.

In creating the Learning Projects we fully acknowledge that they cannot replace the quality of learning your child receives at school however, our complete focus has been on creating a set of projects that all children can access to maximise their learning whilst at home. We have also been developing a range of physical resources that we will be sending home in the event of a school closure to allow for a range of learning experiences to be provided.

What are the aims of the Learning Projects?
● To create age specific learning opportunities for primary school children.
● To create a resource for parents that is easy to access and use - the focus is on
parents being able to help deliver the content or children accessing it independently.
● Key learning is linked to the National Curriculum.
● To enable children to continue with their learning at home during an enforced
● To enable families to focus on a joint topic and theme to promote family wide
● To provide structure and focus to each day that an enforced shutdown occurs.
● To centralise online learning resources and links into an easy to manage format for

How do I use the Learning Projects?
As a parent your first step is to select the age range linked to the year group your child is in. There are seven weeks worth of projects that are available and whilst they have been
created with an order in mind you do not have to follow this. It may be that you look at the table below and decide that your child or if you have more than one, children, would prefer to spend a week on the animals theme in the first week rather than in the week four as suggested - this is totally fine. You then download the project and begin following it (these will also be sent out by all schools via the regular communication tools). The aim is for you to complete a minimum of two hours of learning a day with your child but this is very much your parental choice and you may wish for your child to do more.

What happens if my child finds the learning too difficult?
Our first piece of advice to parents is that ALL children find elements of learning challenging at times so try not to worry if your child becomes stuck and you cannot explain it to them. If this happens then make a note of what they found hard and move onto another learning activity - the school will cover any misconceptions when we return.


The Learning Projects which have been designed are based on the National Curriculum
expectations for the year group which your child is in. It may be that your child finds the
tasks set within the Learning Project for their year group too challenging, for example if they have additional learning needs. If this is the case, then we advise that your child accesses the Learning Projects which are set to the age range below, for example a child in Year 3/4 could attempt the KS1 Learning Project or Year 1 Learning Project, if this is more appropriate for them.


Learning Project Overview

Learning Project Overview 1

We wish to thank our wonderful colleagues at Robin Hood Primary MAT for sharing their amazing thought process for the learning projects. It is with much gratitude that we have used their projects and adapted them for the needs of our school.

In these challenging times, it is wonderful to see a spirit of collaboration and partnership amongst schools.


Bottom Information


Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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