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Brookfields Primary School

A Message from Mrs Lees

The end of the academic year


Dear children,

We have made it to the end of another challenging year. I am incredibly proud of you all for your effort and determination this year. You will see lots of people talking about “lost learning” on the television and yes, we have lost some learning time. However, you have all put so much effort in that your lost learning is not as much as the television keeps talking about.

You have gained new computing skills, developed new ways of working; you have developed independence and resilience in very difficult circumstances… these skills can’t be measured. These skills will allow you to close any gaps quickly next year and we are excited to see what next year brings.

Have a wonderful summer holiday: you deserve time outdoors and to be away from any screens!

The picture below I think sums up our year: dark and stormy clouds but with a beautiful ray of hope. All whilst standing on the top of a mountain you didn’t think you could climb: but you did! (One of our Year 6 children at Woodlands on the 5th July)

Love from

Mrs Lees

School is opening to everyone again!


Dear Children,

We heard last night school can open to everyone again on the 8th March - that is now less than 2 weeks away! We can't wait to see you all.


Make sure you keep working hard on your home learning, as you will need this knowledge for your lessons when you return.


We have missed you and we are very proud of all of the hard work you have put into your home learning.


See you very soon!

Love Mrs Lees

Art Ideas!

This virtual session features Hannah Brooks (Aardman), Annabelle Davis (The Dumping Ground), Oli Hyatt (Blue Zoo Studios) and Ayo Norman-Williams, with an activity idea from Place2Be’s Art Room team. 

On Dear!


Dear children,

I am sorry to say that school is now closed to most of you until the end of February. We are all so sad that you can't come back yet.

However, this time... we are a little more prepared! We have our online platform and we will be able to see you every day.


We will be sending your parents instructions on how to get you to the right place online.. and once you are there, we can help! We will set work and model learning to you, we will be able to see you for an hour a day and you can do your work online and we will be able to mark it.


We know you all have brothers and sisters that might have to share the laptop/ipad. We will timetable our lessons so you can all take a turn.


We miss you already and will see you soon.



Mrs Lees

Happy New Year - I hope. :( 


Dear Children,

I just want to update you that school has to stay closed for a little bit longer. Lots of teachers and teaching assistants got COVID over Christmas and we don't have enough people to take care of you all.


We need to make sure you and your families are safe. This will NOT be for a long time, not like last year. I am hoping 2 weeks max.


We will see you online and we will see you in person soon!

Love Mrs Lees

Home Learning:


If you are reading this, then you must be at home and not able to come to school! :( 

When you are in isolation due to a possible COVID:19 case,  we still need you to keep up with your school work. Your teachers will signpost you to different activities and links to keep you up to date.


In a few weeks you will be give an email address and password, this will let you onto a new platform where we will put work for you to do if you are not in school. We cant do this until we have trained you on how to be super safe online! 


Please try your best as usual and we hope you will be back to school soon.


Love Mrs Lees x

Dear Children,


I just wanted to say I am so proud of you this week. You have arrived back to school Ready, Respectful and SAFE. I am beyond happy with how well this week went.


Your adults have worked so hard and I am so glad that you have all tried your best.

You are AWESOME!


Mrs Lees

To all our amazing children,


September is nearly here! We hope you have all had a wonderful holiday and have enjoyed getting outside after the lock-down restrictions were lifted.


All the adults at school have been working really hard, there will be a lot of new things for you to look at, use and enjoy!

We have:

- tidied the whole school and found so many cool resources that had been lost in cupboards!

- Moved classrooms around so many look a bit different.

- Exciting new topics planned for you


And my favourite..... we have a new reading scheme! The books are wonderful, we hope you will enjoy using them.


School will be a bit different when you come back. We will have a lot of new routines to teach you, such as hand washing and moving around the school. Break and lunch times will be different too, we hope that these changes won't last all year, but it will mean we need your help to make sure we all stay as safe as possible during break and lunch times.


Enjoy your last few days at home, we can't wait to see you all!!!


See you all very soon,

Love Mrs Lees xx

Summer Holiday Commonwealth Games Homework - have a go!

We Miss You!

One of our talented Year 6 Children has written a wonderful poem about Teachers. She wrote this based on her home learning task and wanted to share this with all of the staff. we are so proud of Jessica's effort working from home and we LOVE this poem.

June 30th


Dear Children,


We now have over 50 children in school! I am so happy to see them all. All the staff are very proud of our children for returning to school in such a sensible way and for trying so hard in their new lessons.


For all our lovely children at home, we hope you are still trying hard with all your work. You will ALL be back in September -you need to be reading every day to keep that wonderful brain ticking! Remember all the teachers are here if you need any help, ask your parents to call the school.


We miss you all very much,

Love Mrs Lees


Study Books - second block


Dear children,

We have ordered you an English and Maths book to help keep your brain busy over the next few weeks. 


The answer sheets are at the back - no cheating! These are so you can check your answers. If you have got them wrong, you need to look again and see if you can work out where you have gone wrong - that will help you learn and remember.


Your teachers are busy putting links and activities on the website, keep working on these tasks too.


We miss you all and hopefully it won't be much longer before we are all together again.

Keep working hard, when all this is over, life will resume. You need these English and Maths skills for your future.

Love Mrs Lees xx

Study Books

Dear Parents and Children,

Welcome to the start of the summer term. This is certainly a very different way for it to begin. We hope you and your families are well and had a lovely Easter. The weather was kind to us and it was great to see the sunshine. We were keen for the children to have a rest from school work over the holiday period, (and parents too!).

Home Learning

The teachers have been working hard to prepare new learning activities based on the work the children would have been doing in school. Each year group has uploaded work to the school website and will continue to do this daily. In addition, on Monday this week the Department for Education (DfE) launched some new learning resources which will support you and your child with home learning. These include BBC Bitesize ( which deliver 3 new lessons daily and the Oak National Academy ( which provides video lessons each week for all year groups.

When schools closed, we were not sure how long this would be for. All children were provided with a 2 week resource pack, along with exercise books, stationary and reading books. We have a full portfolio of online learning, but we are aware that not everyone has access to the internet or that there are multiple children in the house. With this in mind, we have ordered English and Maths work books, these will arrive in school next week. We will be calling each year group and requesting a member of the household collects the books for all children in their house. The work will consolidate much of the learning from Autumn and Spring, and allow for independent work alongside the online activities.

As schools will continue to be closed for the foreseeable future, the DfE has released guidance on helping primary school children continue their education. It states that no-one expects parents to act as teachers or provide activities and feedback that a school would. Parents and carers should do their best to help children and support their learning.

In terms of structuring the day for children it recommends:

Get up and go to bed at the same times each day

Have regular meal times

Have regular breaks

Make time to be active – children are used to regular play and lunchtimes.

It is important to try and maintain a routine. The suggested timetables for each year group can help with this.

Key Workers

The school is open to the children of key workers and this will continue for this term until the school reopens to all pupils. If you are a key worker and have no alternative child care, please contact the school. 

Reception Intake 2020

The offer of places for our Reception intake for September 2020 was sent out by the Local Authority on April 16th. We are delighted that we have so many siblings joining us. Currently we still have a few spaces left in Reception and Nursery, please contact the school office to request an admission form. We are looking forward to welcoming the children into school and will send out details of the induction when school reopens to all pupils.

Keeping in Touch

This week our teachers have been calling all their children. They have loved hearing what the children have been getting up to and offering any support and guidance. Parents are welcome to seek advice about the work set by contacting the class teacher via email or please ask during the phone calls which take place at least fortnightly. If we can help you in any way please do not hesitate to email

We are certainly missing you and look forward to seeing you when the school reopens.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Lees and the Brookfields' Staff




We wish to thank our wonderful colleagues at Robin Hood Primary MAT for sharing their amazing thought process for the learning projects. It is with much gratitude that we have used their projects and adapted them for the needs of our school.

In these challenging times, it is wonderful to see a spirit of collaboration and partnership amongst schools.


Bottom Information


Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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