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Here's some examples of our character and setting descriptions. Our writing has come a long way!!!

We have been learning to write expanded noun phrases. This is where at least one adjective before the noun. If you have more than one adjective, you need a comma. We have been learning to apply expanded noun phrases to character and setting descriptions

This half term we have been learning through the story Alan's big scary teeth. We have loved reading this book. We have worked hard and have published our first non-chronological report all about alligators. We have been learning the features of this text type; photos and captions, heading and subheadings. We worked hard to gather the information needed for our reports!

Gathering information

This half term we will be completing English through an author study on Julia Donaldson. 

We have been working hard learning a new text type - posters! We looked at lots of different examples of posters and learned about the features; they have headings, short snappy sentences, pictures and labels and lost posters often have rewards. We looked at the size of the letters. Check out our published posters!

We worked hard to plan our posters - we have looked at lots of examples of posters and discussed the features!

We have been reading Monkey Puzzle as part of our author study on Julia Donaldson. Mum has sent us a letter. We have written questions that she can help us answer. We will use these answers to make a poster!

We have been learning about speech bubbles through the story Monkey Puzzle by Julia Donaldson. We matched the speech bubbles to the correct character. We used our inference reading skills.

We have linked speech bubbles to recounts. We used the story Monkey Puzzle to apply our new learning.

We planned, drafted, edited and published our stories! We worked really hard and even included a new scene! What do you think! We've made so much progress since September!

We worked together to complete a shared write of the story. We discussed the importance of time connectives and how adjectives make our writing more interesting! We will be working hard to plan out our own recount/retell of the story!

We have been writing our own versions of the poem 'Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear' Check out some of the examples - Muhammad blew us away with his!!

Some of our brilliant poems! Well done YK!

Our rhyming string! Can you think of any more?

This week we are learning about poetry through the poem 'Teddy bear, Teddy bear'. We identified the rhyming words and worked in pairs to continue the string.


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We have been learning through two fantasy stories. One of these was bubbles.

We worked together and completed a shared write. We are learning about writing narratives. This is where we tell a story. We are trying to use adjectives to describe nouns and verbs to make our writing more exciting!


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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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