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English - The Tear Thief - Summer 1

We have been learning to build sentences with lists and verbs!

We have been using different sentence builder mats to help us write interesting sentences for the Tear Thief! Check them out! We are so proud of our writing!

We have been using what we have learned about list sentences and verb sentences and joined them to make one amazing sentence!

We have been learning about verbs. We have looked closely at the root words and explored the inflections.

We have been learning about verbs. We have been applying them in sentences that we built in pairs.

This is what YK said about our English lessons on The Tear Thief

The Tear Thief

We have been learning through this story! It has been so exciting!

We have been looking closely and vocabulary from 'The Tear Thief'. We talked about the meaning of words and the root words. Each week we will be looking at a word and exploring more exciting language from the text; this week is steal. Other words for steal are - pinch, nick, filch and purloin. Can you use them in a sentence? Challenge yourself to be more adventurous with your use of language!

Some examples of our list sentences

We have been learning how to write a list sentence. We can include 3 or 4 adjectives before a noun. If we use 4 we need to use the word and in between the 3rd and 4th adjective. We have had a go at using commas in our list sentence!

We have been learning about nouns and adjectives and how they go together! An adjective can modify a noun


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