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Brookfields Primary School

Free School Meal Vouchers

New Free School Meal Vouchers


The next batch of voucher codes will be available week beginning 18th May. These will be for 2 weeks and do NOT include the half term holiday. This means the voucher will also cover the week beginning 1st June. If the government announce any changes to include the holiday, we will update this page. Please plan accordingly, as the next vouchers will not be available until week beginning 8th June.


We will text parents when we have the vouchers for the 18th May.

Thank you for your patience.

**** WARNING - we have been notified in an increase in scamming emails asking parents for bank details so that money can be paid in for free school meals. No one will EVER ask for bank details for this service. Email addresses may be required to send codes, the recipient will then enter codes to get vouchers to their email. Please never disclose your bank details to unknown parties.****


Temporary Birmingham Codes (BEFORE 20/04/2020)


The second week of voucher codes are in the process of being sent to you. School is currently closed. If you have a problem with the code, please see the help book in the link above. Alternatively, please call school on the 20th April after 9:30am where we will be able to help. The codes have a 3 month expiry date so you will not lose this voucher.


Codes are only generated for families who provided us with evidence of Free School Meal entitlement. We asked all families to check if they were eligible throughout September.

Free School meal entitlement is different from the universal free school meal. All children in England get a free lunch in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. However, if you are in receipt of certain benefits, you are entitled to a free school meal in any year, additionally the school gets extra money to support your child at school.


If you believe you are eligible, you will need to provide evidence, but this will take time for the new codes to be generated.  Please bring any documentation of your benefits for the last 3 months and your National insurance number into school and we will check if you are entitled to this support.


As of the 20th April, the new Government Voucher system will take over. Again, there are huge technical difficulties at the moment. We will contact parents from 21st April to inform them how to collect the new voucher.


We thank you for your patience as we try to get to grips with a national system that did not exist only a few days ago. The processes are very much out of our hands, however, we will always try to help and support where we can.


After Easter, sandwiches will no longer be available for Free School Meal children as the vouchers will have replaced this service.


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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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