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Brookfields Primary School

Home Learning for week beginning 04.05.20

Friday 8th May 2020

Hey lovelies.


Today is such a special day. It is the 75th anniversary of VE Day. VE Day stands for Victory in Europe Day – it was considered the formal ending of the Second World War following the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany. Fighting did continue in the Far East and South East Asia as Japan continued with the war – all fighting didn’t conclude until August 1945.


All week for English and History I have been asking you to watch video about WW2, why it started, where it affected and a bit about the propaganda used. The History Association have created a PowerPoint which has pictures and further explanations about WW2. Please have a look.  

Had we not been in lockdown, today would have been a bank holiday as the government moved the May bank holiday from Monday to the Friday so we could celebrate it.


There are many activities you can still do at home to join in the celebrations.

You could make flags and bunting to hang around your house. What message would you put on your flag or bunting for this year?

During the war people wrote letters to each other – they often spoke about the fun they would have when the war was over. Write a letter to a friend or relative about what you are looking forward to doing when the current restrictions lift.

Organise a house tea party for VE Day with just the people you live with. What games and activities should you play? (Jam sandwiches were popular during the war – perhaps you can make some of those?


At 11am a national moment of remembrance and a two-minute silence will be held

At 3pm - as Churchill's speech is broadcast, people will be invited to stand up and raise a glass in a national toast, saying: "To those who gave so much, we thank you"


What ever you choose to do today to celebrate, please do take a moment to be thankful of what we do have. We are currently in a difficult time and I know being cooped up at home for many weeks cannot be easy, but we all need to keep safe and follow the rules so that one day we can all be reunited.


Missing you all very much.

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


We'll meet again celebrity medley for 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day

To mark the 75th anniversary of Victory in Europe Day on 8th May 2020, there will be a national sing-a-long of the wartime classic 'We'll meet again' by Dame Vera Lynn. 


Thursday 7th May 2020

Hey year 6.


Hope you are all doing well.


TT Rockstars

Well done to the boys, you are still in the lead over Year 2 boys – keep playing though. Marouane and Ashely are still 1st and 2nd, well done boys. 

Girls, you are closing the gap, but we are still not there!  Well done to Hlya, you have trebled your score in the last 2 days . Keep it up! The battle is on until 8pm today. We need EVERY girl to log in and play for a good 10 minutes. Hopefully I will see that we have won this evening!


English / History

Today I want you to watch the following clip about D-Day.

I then want you to write up as a civilian hearing about the turning point in the war, and what it means for you. Use the information from the clip to help you.



Compare and classify quadrilaterals

In today’s lesson, we will classify different types of quadrilateral and learn about the sum of their internal angles.


Remember to try and get outside for some exercise or do Joe’s workout if you cannot get out.


We are all really proud of you and missing you all loads.


Keep safe,

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


Wednesday 6th May 2020


Hey lovelies.

Hope you are all doing well and keeping safe. Please do try and do some work every day to keep up with your learning. All previous tasks are linked in one of the stars above so if you have missed a task, you can go back and do them. Remember you have packs that were sent home, there are activities on active learn as well as those below. You may have also gone to school and picked up the year 6 work book, which you can work through. If you do the National Academy maths work below, you can find the follow up activities in your maths book to practise further. 


TT Rockstars

Well done to the boys, you are still in the lead over Year 2 boys – keep playing though. Marouane continues to be our highest scorer  but it can’t all be left to him, it’s a team effort. Well done to Ashley who is in second place .

Girls, the gap is getting bigger, we are losing to year 2 !!! Well done to Ladan and Hlya who have a score of over 1000 each . Come on the rest of you girls!


English / History

Today I want you to watch the following clip about propaganda and how it was used during world war 2.

Think about the campaign currently being undertaken by the British government for Covid-19. Are there any similarities? Make a comparison table bullet pointing the similarities and differences.



Compare and classify triangles

In today’s lesson, we will compare and classify triangles, looking at how to recognise the different types of triangles and the sum of the angles in a triangle.



Today I would like you to practise your sketching skills. Think back to the start of the year where we looked at shades and tones. I would like you to choose a window in your home and look out of it. Look at the detail that you can see. I now want to you sketch this view. Think about the different shades and tones.


Remember to try and get outside for some exercise or do Joe’s workout if you cannot get out.


Keep up the hard work, keep safe and take care.

Missing you loads.

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


Tuesday 5th May 2020


Hey year 6!


Hope you are all continuing to work hard. Remember a little bit each day keeps your mind active. Just like physical activities keep our body healthy, this work will help to keep your mind healthy.


TT Rockstars

Well done to the boys, you are currently in the lead over Year 2 boys  – keep playing though. Marouane is currently our highest scorer but it can’t all be left to him, it’s a team effort.

Girls, it is close, but Year 2 are currently in the lead!!!  Well done to Ladan who is currently our highest scorer but we need all of you to keep playing so we can win! 



Now you have completed your information leaflet I would like you to edit and publish it now. Remember to revise over what you have written making any changes. Look out for punctuation errors. Can you edit and re-write a section making it even better? I can not wait to see the finished results when we are all back in school.



Find the value of missing angles

In this unit, you will be studying angles. You will deepen your understanding of angles by applying your understanding to find and calculate missing angles within diagrams and 2-D shapes. You will also consolidate your understanding of properties of shapes, comparing and classifying 2-D shapes. In today’s lesson, you will use algebra and bar models to represent problems and calculate missing angles.



What was life like in Nazi Germany?

In today's lesson we will take a closer look at what life was like in Germany from 1933 up to the outbreak of the Second World War. With Hitler as Chancellor and Fuhrer, we will learn about how he built his ideal nation: the Third Reich.



Saying your birthday in Spanish

In this lesson, we will recap our numbers and alphabet, as well as saying our name and age in Spanish. We will then expand our number knowledge to learn the numbers up to 31 and the months of the year in Spanish, so that we can say the date of our birthday in Spanish! For this lesson you will need some paper and a pen or pencil.


Remember to try and get outside for some exercise or do Joe’s workout if you cannot get out.

Keep working really hard, we are all so proud of you and missing you lots.


Keep safe and take care.

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


Monday 4th May 2020


Hi lovelies, 

Hope you have all had a relaxing weekend and you have managed to get out for a daily walk or in your garden for some fresh air. It is really important to try and get out of the house and away from a ‘screen’ each day.


TT Rockstars

The battles from last week are over and well done to the Year 6 boys! It was very close only 700 points in it! This week the battles are Year 6 boys Vs Year 2 boys and Year 6 girls Vs Year 2 girls. Remember it is a team effort and if as an individual you score over 10,000, it will not be counted! Everyone needs to join and have a go. Please don’t let the youngest children on TT Rockstars beat us!

Mr Miles is keeping track of it all and posting on the link below.

We are currently the bottom of the boys and girls leagues!  Come on Year 6! 



Last week we were using The National Academy and writing an information leaflet. Today, I would like you to use the link to write your leaflet.

If you have a computer, could you word process it using publisher or word?



Well done to Maisa, Faduma and Chloe for reading the books which have been allocated through Bug Club on active learn! For everyone else, to get to these books you will need to login to active learn, you will find these in your allocated resources in the independent section.

This week I would like you to read the following books on there:

  • Globe Challenge: Rainforests at Risk by Alison Hawes
  • The Dangerous World of Joe McGinty by Andy Mulligan
  • Find a Way Out! A playscript written by Catherine MacPhail



On Active Learn, the spellings this week are words ending in -tious and -cious. Remember to keep practising these words and those found on your 5/6 spellings list.



On Friday it will be the 75th Anniversary for VE Day. This week, our learning is going to be based around World War 2. For todays session I would like you to watch the following video. Then make a list of all the countries that were part of the allied forces and another for those who joined with the Nazis. Make a note of any other interesting facts which you have found out.


Keep up the hard work, keep washing your hands and make sure you are keeping safe.


Missing you loads

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


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