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Brookfields Primary School

Home Learning for week beginning 20.04.20

Friday 24th April 2020


Hey everyone!

We’ve made it to Friday! Hope that you and your families are all keeping safe a well.



The new TTRockstar battles have started today. Year 6 girls, you are up against the Year 6 boys. Who is going to win? Remember to play every day and it’s a team effort, you can not rely on a few people to win it for your team.


I would also like you to try the White Rose Year 6 Friday family challenge. Open up the document below and have a go. I will post the answers on Monday. How many problems can you solve?


English – Speaking and listening

This one is for you and your family.

Watch the video link below. Then discuss the following talking points.

  • How do they try to make the new friend fit in?
  • Why do you think they would do that?
  • Is it important to be like your friends?
  • Is it OK to be the odd one out?

Then you can draw a picture of the first activity you will do with your friends once you are reunited after lockdown.

New Friends

Animated film by David Shrigley.

This final activity is just for fun! Again, you can work with your family or you can do it on your own.

For each question, can you use the emojis and work out the 20 titles of famous children’s books?



Hope you have a lovely weekend. Continue to stay safe and we can not wait until we get to see you all again.


Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford


Thursday 23rd April 2020


Hey year 6.


We have new TTRockstar battles starting soon so keep an eye out for that. Mr Miles has made a new set of rules and these battles are between the boys and a separate battle for the girl. The newest rule is that your scores will only count up to 10,000 points per battle per person, this is because it is a team effort, everyone needs to be trying their best to login and play.


Yesterday there was a problem with the Oak National Academy and the videos weren’t loading. This now seems to be sorted if you want to do yesterdays activities.



Check out active learn activities on abacus that I have set. There is one finding percentages of amounts and another one that is finding the mean of a set of numbers.



I am sure most of you have heard about the great effort Captain Major Tom has made at the age of 99 to raise money for the NHS – to help those doctors, nurses and ambulance staff who are working on the front line to treat people who are becoming sick due to this virus.

Use the following newsround article to read about his achievements.

Using the information, write a newspaper report, explaining the events of his 100th lap.

Remember to have a headline, byline, lead paragraph (containing the 5ws), main body, sources and outcome.



Today is St George’s day – the patron saint of England. Here is the story about St George. I want you to create a series of illustrations to tell the story of St George for younger children. Remember to include key detail from the story and add detail to your illustrations.



Don’t forget your workout with Joe, live at 9am every weekday morning. Can you spot all of the differences from the previous day? Are you able to answer his quiz questions?


Keep up the hard work but also make sure you are going outside and enjoying that sunshine whilst we have it! Missing you all loads.

Stay safe and well.

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford




Wednesday 22nd April 2020


Hey everyone!

Hope that you are all safe and well. We’re halfway through the week, which has had lovely weather, I hope you have managed to get outside for some vitamin D! We are all still really missing you but it has been wonderful to chat with so many families this week.

Remember that Joe is still doing his daily workout at 9am. I hope you are trying to join in!



For todays maths, as well as spending 10 minutes on TTRockstars, I would also like you to click the link to the following daily maths lesson on finding equivalent fractions.



Using the image below, I would like you write a setting description. Remember to use you sense. What can hear? See? Smell? Taste? Feel?

Start by listing adjectives that come to mind when looking at the picture, then try to find synonyms for these words before constructing your sentences. Remember, we need cohesion, so each sentence should flow from one to the other and not become a list.



Again, using the following link,, I would like you to work through the lesson on the theory of evolution. Here you will look at Darwin’s observations from his trip on the HMS Beagle. We will then put all his observations together to see how Darwin came up with his theory. 


Keep working really hard, can’t wait to see you all again. Stay safe and remember to keep washing those hands.

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford



Tuesday 21st April 2020


Hey Year 6


Hope you are well and working hard. It was so nice to chat to some of you today and your parents to see how you are getting on. If your parents haven’t received a call today then one will be on its way to you this week. It was nice to hear how most of you have been busy working through the activities been set, which is great.


Today we would like you to do the following:


Go to and complete the Maths representing fractions. It is split into 4 sections, the first is a quiz to see what you know, the next is a video explaining today’s learning, then the next section is activities for you to do and then finally it ends with a quiz.



Today is from week 3 of the home learning pack.

A change in Viewpoints- How did Martin Luther King and Rosa Park’s actions and views shape society today? Compare and contrast viewpoints from then and now on people’s race, culture and religion. How has this improved society’s attitudes towards those who are different to ourselves?



Using the following link Make sure you are on Tuesday and then click the foundation Spanish link. Here you will be able to learn your numbers 1-10.


I will also add more books for you to read on active learn.

Well done everyone on all the work you’ve done so far. Keep it up.


Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford



Monday 20th April 2020


Hi lovelies, 


Hope you all had a lovely break and didn't eat too much chocolate! 

We are still really missing you all and we are thinking about how you are doing every day. I hope that you are managing to get some schoolwork done, it is really important to keep you mind engaged and going.



This weeks home learning project is all about viewpoints. Today I would like you to choose a Birmingham viewpoint and use Google Earth or Google Maps to create an accurate scaled map of the location of the landmark. You may wish to identify all of the Birmingham viewpoints on their map. Which is the closest to the Jewllery Quarter?



There have been books set for you to read on bug club, through active learn, so if you have finished your school reading books, there are books on there for you read. Remember to do your accelerated reader quiz for any books that you finish reading.



On active learn, I have set spellings looking at the spelling string -ant and -ent. Please play the game and practise these spellings.


There are online videos and work now being put up daily from different providers. Below are the links to two different ones, starting today. You will be able to click on the Year 6 content. Have a look and have a go, they look great.


Keep up the hard work, keep washing your hands and make sure you are keeping safe.

Missing you loads

Miss Ledbury, Miss O’Rourke and Ms Ford xxx


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