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Brookfields Primary School


Friday 10th June 2020


Good morning Year 2,


Well done for doing some fantastic work this week, we are so proud of you!

Today we have some activities on TIME for you to complete.


Click on the link below and complete lesson 3, remember to pause the video when you are asked to do so.

When you have watched the video complete the activities below, you can print them out or draw them in your home learning book. Then scroll down to check your answer. 

Have an awesome weekend!!!!

See you on Monday.


smiley  Mrs Hussain and Miss Richards  smiley

Thursday 9th July 2020


Good morning year 2, 


We hope you had fun researching about plastic pollution. Today, we are going to do some English. We will be learning all about fronted adverbials. You will need a book to write in, a pencil and your brain ready for learning. Remember to listen carefully and pause the video when it says so you can complete your activities. 

Click the link to access the lesson.


Activity 2

Log onto active learn and complete any activities that are still showing on my stuff. 


Have a great day. See you on here tomorrow.

smileyMiss Richards and Mrs Hussainsmiley


Wednesday 8th July 2020


Good Morning Year 2,


We hope you enjoyed completing the activities yesterday. Today we are going to learn about plastic pollution. Do you know what plastic pollution is? Who is affected by plastic pollution? If you are not sure then don't worry, you will find out.


Activity 1 (Watch the video and read the information)


Watch the video below, while watching the video you can pause it and make notes if you think it will help you remember the information.  


You can click on the link below to find out some more information on plastic pollution:



Activity 2 Design a poster.

When you have watched the video and read the information you can design a poster on plastic pollution and how it affects our environment.

Look at the pictures below to give you ideas for your poster.

Have a great day designing your poster.


See you tomorrow.

Mrs Hussain and Miss Richards

Tuesday 7th July 2020


Good morning year 2,

We hope you had fun solving the maths challenges yesterday. Today, we are going to complete some maths and science activities. 


Activity 1

In our maths lesson and activities we will be recognising the inverse relationship between multiplication and division. You will need your book to write in and a pencil. Click the link to follow the lesson. 


Activity 2

We are going to look at living things and their habitats. Do you remember when we went outside to explore what things were living or not living? We hope you do because we had loads of fun. Watch the video clip to remind yourself of what makes a living thing. 

Once you have watched the video, ask an adult if you can go outside either in your garden or for a walk and see if you can see any living things. If you see a living thing what is their habitat like? Is it dark, light, wet or dry? Is there a lot of food available? Remember you have to investigate to find out. Draw and label a picture in your book of the living thing that you have seen and its habitat. Use adjectives to descibe what you have seen. 

Click the link to go to the web page and then enter the student code at the top of the page to watch the video clip of what is a living thing?

Student code: 89535


Have a good day. 

smileyMiss Richards and Mrs Hussainsmiley

Monday 6th July 2020


Good Morning Year 2,


We hope you had a fabulous weekend. Are you ready for another fun week of home learning?


Today we will complete some maths and english activities.

Once you have completed the maths challenges, scroll down to find the answers.

Activity 1 Complete the challenges below.

Complete this extra challenge if you want to.

Activity 2










Read and write the common exception words above. You can even ask an adult or sibling to give you a spelling test! Then write sentences using the words.

Check your answers to the maths challenges.

Have a fun day!

See you tomorrow.


smiley  Mrs Hussain and Miss Richards  smiley


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