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Brookfields Primary School

Home Learning WB 6.7.20

Friday 10th July

Hello Everyone!


Hope you have all had a good week! The weather looks a lot better today and over the weekend so make sure you get outside!


Here is the last newspaper report lesson:

You will be writing your own today. Remember to include all the features. We look forward to reading them!


Next, we would like you to do a music lesson: 

Read the information and watch the video then there are 3 activities to have a go at.


Have a great weekend!

Talk next week,

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa



Thursday 9th July

Good Morning Year 3!


Lets carry on with our newspapers today! 

It is a SPAG focus today and tomorrow you will write your own.

Remember to try your best on the quizzes before and after the lesson.


Next, time for some Spanish:

After this lesson you will be able to describe your physical appearance in Spanish. Try and remember everything you know in Spanish and have a conversation with your family.


Have a great day! Remember to stay 1m away from people when you are out and continue to wash your hands.

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa



Wednesday 8th July

Hello Year 3 


Hope you are having a good week! Remember to keep on going with your indoor exercise with Joe Wicks or try some yoga.


First carry on with your English work on newspapers:


Next, follow this link for an art lesson:

Read the information about the artists and techniques and then have a go yourself!


Most of you would have got your reports by now! Well done for all your hard work this year!

Miss Collier and Miss Da- Costa



Tuesday 7th July 

Hello Year 3! 


Good morning Year 3 we hope that you are all ok. How are you getting on with the Summer Reading Challenge? I have been trying to read eBooks lately. What have you tried?


Today we are going to continue learning about newspapers. Today's lesson is all about retrieval. Remember when answering retrieval questions the answers are always in the text. Click on the link to access the lesson.


Once you have finished the English lesson click the link below. 

We are continuing our learning about plastics. At 11am there will be a Seaside Safari, where Stuart explores the impact of how plastic on beaches affects wildlife. 

Watch the Seaside Safari and create a poster that warns people about the dangers of leaving plastic and rubbish on the beaches. 


We hope that you have a great day!

Speak to you soon.

Miss Da-Costa and Miss Collier 



Monday 6th July

Good Morning Year 3!


Hope you all had a good weekend! It's great that lockdown is starting to lift and we can do more of the things we like to do but we need to remember to keep on washing our hands and keeping our distance when seeing friends.


This week we are going to look at Newspaper reports.

Today's lesson is a reading comprehension


This week we also want you to look at the effect of plastic pollution.

Follow this link and do the activities for Monday,11Y30,5Q9SMF,40ZKJ,1

Read the information and watch the video then click the link to find the activities. Choose one or two to do today and talk to your family about this issue.

There are 2 more lessons for Tuesday and Friday so have a go at them later on in the week!


Have a great day!

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa


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