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Brookfields Primary School


Wednesday 15th July 2020


Hi Year 2, I hope you all have a great holiday, you will not see me in September as I will be teaching at another school, but I want you to know I am so proud of you. You have all worked so hard this year, both in school and at home. Carry on with the hard work in year 3, I hope you all do well. I WILL MISS YOU ALL!!


Mrs Hussain


Good morning year 2, 

It was great seeing most of you in school yesterday. We loved how excited you were to come into school and how happy you were. We miss you too and cannot wait to see you all in September. 

Today is our last day of home learning because we break up for the six weeks summer holiday. Although it has been a very strange year and part of your learning has happened from home, we are proud of you for being so resiliant and continuing to learn. 


Today, we are going to continue with time and learn about hours. You will need a pencil and some paper to write your answers on. Remember to pause the video when it says.  Click on the link to watch the video. Select lesson 2- hours and days.


Activity 2

Today is your last day in year 2 so we would like you to create a poster about all the things you have enjoyed about year 2. You can make it as colourful and exciting as you want. Try putting some words and pictures on. You may want to put something on there about what you want to achieve in year 3. 

Once you have finished, put your poster up somewhere you can see it to remind yourself of all the wonderful things you have done this year. 


If you want to keep on learning then you can access any of home learning pdf's at the top of our home learning page. You can also access any of the lessons on any of these links


Finally, We hope you have a fantastic summer holiday. Stay safe and have lots of fun. See you in September. 


smileyMiss Richards and Mrs Hussainsmiley


Tuesday 14th July 2020


Good Morning Year 2,


Today you will be visiting your new class teachers and will have an opportunity to see your new classroom so make sure you come to school at the time stated on your letter!!!!


We hope you enjoyed completing yesterday's activities. Today we will be using our inference skills to answer some questions.


Girl and Dragon

  • Activity 1
  • Look at the picture above and answer the questions below.
  • Where are the girl and the dragon?
  • What can they see from this place?
  • What are they looking at?
  • Why are they here?
  • Are they friends?
  • Does the girl own the dragon as a pet? Or does the dragon own the girl as its pet?
  • What species of dragon do you think it is? Is it friendly?
  • Does anyone else know that they’re up here?
  • What might other people say about their friendship?


Activity 2

When you have answered the questions, write a story about the Girl and the Dragon, what adventures did the girl and dragon get up to?


Have a awesome day visiting your new teachers!

See you tomorrow.

Mrs Hussain and Miss Richards

Monday 13th July 2020


Good morning year 2,

We hope you have a good weekend. Remember that this week you will be coming into school either on Tuesday morning or Tuesday afternoon for your transition session with your new class teacher.

In today's lesson we are going to continue reading time. On Friday, you read time of o'clock and half past, so today we will read time to 5 minute intervals. To watch the lesson you will need to click the link and then select lesson 1. You will need a pencil and some paper to write on. Remember to pause the video and write your answers down.


Once you have completed the first activity, try reading the time of the clocks on active learn. Remember the school code is 6pam.  


Have a fantastic Monday. We will see you around school tomorrow but remember to check this home learning page for your activities to complete either before you come to school or after.  

smileyMiss Richards and Mrs Hussainsmiley



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