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Brookfields Primary School

Homework Task

Thursday 1st April 2021

In RE we have been learning about Christianity and theme of salvation. Christians believe that Jesus died on the cross for their salvation.

If you were starting a religion now that would help make the world a better place, what would be the Ten Commandments you would ask people to live by?

Present your work using pictures, words and images. You could do this as a power point with a commandment per page and then email it to your class e-mail address if you would prefer. ( or  


Please complete and hand in Tuesday 20th April 2021


Thursday 19th November 2020


On the world map (there will be one available on BGFL if you were not in school to get it), label each of the 7 continents:

Asia, Africa, North America, South America, Antarctica, Europe, and Australasia.

And the 7 oceans:

The Arctic, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, North Pacific, South Pacific, Indian, and Southern Ocean.

Please complete and hand in on 26th November 2020

Thursday 22nd October 2020

L.O to research and explain

We have briefly discuss how the Victorian Empire. I would like you to research this further using the following website and then present your findings. You could include drawing the world map showing the countries. You could do your homework in your book or on the home learning platform in J2e5 – on here just assign the work to your teacher so we can mark it when you are finished.

Safe websites


Please complete and hand in Tuesday 3rd November


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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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