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Week beginning 5.7.2021

This week we are looking at measure. We are going to look at length and height.



Can you find 3 different objects in your house that are of different lengths. Put these objects in order from the shortest to the longest.

Play the game below.

Play the weight game below.


Talk about the weight of the different animals.

Which animal is the lightest?

Which animal is the heaviest?

Which animals balance the scales and have equal weight?

Who is the heaviest in your family?

Who is the lightest in your family?

Make some play dough using the recipe below with an adult. Then use it to make snakes of different lengths. Measure each snake using coins, your fingertips or pen lids. Estimate first how long you think they are and then measure them. How close were you to the correct measurement?

Use the play dough for an art activity and make some under the sea creatures.

You can decorate them or make patterns on them using a pencil or other objects you can find around the house.

Count the number of sea creatures you have made.

If you used objects to decorate them, can you count how many you have used?

Week beginning 28.6.2021

How much do the ice creams cost?


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