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Brookfields Primary School

September 2020 - the return!

Dear families,


As our academic year draws to an end, it is with a heavy heart I reflect on what has been lost this year. I can assure you that all staff have been working tirelessly to prepare for September and we are ready to welcome every child back into school.


We have been asked a few questions regarding September so I thought I would add a few FAQs below:


1) Will my child wear school uniform?

YES - this is an important part of establishing rules and high expectations for our children. New jumpers are available from 


2) Will children be keeping 1m apart?

No, this won't be possible. However, we will reduce the contact between children, continue to demand rigorous hand and respiratory hygiene, reduced number of children on the playground and staggered lunches.


3) Do I have to send my child back to school?

Yes, any child aged 5 or over must be in full time education unless parents elect to formally withdraw them from education and home school them permenantly. (This must be submitted in writing and follow the legal guidance for home schooling.)


4) My child has a medical condition and I have concerns, what should I do?

Please call school to discuss your concerns. 


5) What happens if someone becomes ill?

Anyone who has symptoms of COVID-19 must stay at home and self-isolate with their family. A COVID-19 test must be taken. 


If the test is negative: The family no longer need to self-isolate and the child can return when they feel better.


If the test is positive: The child will have to stay at home for 14 days along with their whole family. The children and staff in the same bubble (2 year groups e.g Y3&Y4) will all have to stay home and isolate for 14 days. This is the government guidance. We know this will impact families but it is not optional for pupils or staff.


6) If my child is sent home, how will this impact their education?

We are preparing our home learning platform to ensure any child who is sent home will be able to access learning from their class teacher.


7) I come on the bus and I am a bit worried, what can I do?

This Link will show you how to maximise your safety when travelling on the bus, it is a youtube video.


September will be a period of change and adjustment, but we will all work together to get our children back to school and back on track with their learning.




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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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