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Nessy Spelling Strategy | LY Words | Singalong| Learn to Spell

Singalong and learn the LY rule! When should LY be added to a word? What if there's a vowel on the end of the word? Or a Y?Remember with our fun Nessy song!►...

SPAG-vowels they are in nearly every word

Alternative pronunciation for the letter ‘a’

Phase 5- ‘aw’

Can you read these?

Week 8 spellings:

  1. thought
  2. through
  3. work
  4. mouse
  5. many
  6. laughed



  1. we
  2. he
  3. she
  4. me
  5. be

Week 7 Spellings

Phase 5 digraphs revisited so far please continue reading and writing words with these.


  • ay
  • ou
  • ie
  • oy
  • ea
  • ir
  • aw


'zh' sounding words

  1. treasure
  2. measure
  3. pleasure
  4. enclosure
  5. composure
  6. closure
  7. leisure

Phase 4

Year 2 spellings


  • beautiful
  • pretty
  • because
  • behind
  • people

Phase 4

We have re-capped the following digraphs and trigraphs from phase 3: 


  • ai 

rain, pain, chain, brain, faint, afraid 

  • air

fair, hair, chair, lair, unfair 


Can you spell these? 

Please make sure you learn these. We will also have Year 2 common exception words.

Year 1- Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when

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Year 1- Phase 5 Tricky words

phase5trickywords #phase5hfwords #sightwords Learn your phase 5 phonics tricky words! Here are some licks to some other phonics videos: Phase 2: https://you...


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