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Brookfields Primary School

WB 13.6.20

Wednesday 15th July

Good Morning Year 3! 


Welcome to your last day of learning from home! Well done to all of you for working so hard during this time! It has been a difficult and weird second half of the year but we hope that you have learnt some new things and had fun whilst doing it!


It was lovely to see some of you yesterday when you came in to meet your new teachers, we hope you had a good day!


Today, look at the Transition Learning Project and choose an activity to do. There is achievements, saying farewell and goal setting still to complete. You could even look back on the past learning projects and choose something you haven't done yet!


Also, have a go at this activity, what 10 things do you want to do this summer?



From tomorrow it is your summer holidays! Have a lovely and restful 6 weeks, spend time with your families and enjoy the sun! 

Keep on reading your reading books and complete the summer reading challenge.

TT Rockstars and Active Learn are still there for you to practise and here is the link to Oak National Academy where some of your lessons have come from, so if you want to do some more learning you can!


Have a wonderful holiday! Stay safe and see you in September! 

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa

Tuesday 14th July

Hello Everyone!


How did you get on with your memories yesterday? Did you remember some of the fun things we did whilst you were at school?


Today let's do some more Art!

I have a challenge for you, it is called The Circle Challenge, see if you can do it! Remember all things take practise.



Next, look at the transition Learning Project and create a piece of artwork which represents your personality and highlights your individual qualities. This could be a picture or something more abstract. Once finished, discuss your artwork with your family (maybe they could do one too). What did you want to represent in this piece? How did you try to show off your personality? 

Here is an example:


Enjoy your day!

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa


Monday 13th July

Good Morning Year 3! 


Welcome to the last few days of home learning before the summer holidays!

Remember to keep logging in to Active Learn and TT Rockstars to practise your Maths.


The Learning Project above is all about Transition so this week we are going to do some fun activities around that!


Today is all about memories. Starting a new academic year is a time for you to say goodbye to current teachers and some classmates and hello to new faces, so it is important to remember the year you have had. And it has been a very memorable year!


We want you to create an art piece and put it in a frame of your most special memory. It could be a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a school trip, your favourite teacher or a job role you were proud of.

Use whatever you have around the house to make and decorate the frame. there is a template in on the Learning Project page if you want to use that.


Here are some ideas you might want to think about, fill out one of these sheets to inspire you!


Remember to come in on Tuesday at the time it says on your letter (either 9:30 or 1:00) to meet your new teacher and see your new classroom!



Speak tomorrow,

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa


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