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WB 21.09.20 Art Artist Study Lieve Pietersz Verschuier

Lesson One: To describe the work of the notable artist Lieve Verschuier. 


Have a look at the painting below.  This is a painting of the Great Fire of London. It shows what the great fire looked like from a boat on the River Thames.  It was painted by the artist Lieve Verschuier. 


 What do you notice?  What can you see? How does this painting make you feel?



Task: Use the adjective mat below and write down a list of words to describe the painting.  




Lesson Two: To draw lines of different sizes and thickness. 


We will be practising drawing different types of lines, this skill be used in tomorrow art lesson. 


Can you think of the different types of line?  Have a look at the picture below, it shows different types of line.  



and more line ... 




Task: Watch the two Youtube videos below.  Then practise drawing your own lines.  


Beginner Art Education - All About Lines

Art Education - Elements of Art - Line

Lesson Three: To show pattern and texture using lines. 


Here is a picture of St Paul's Cathedral, it was destroyed in the Great Fire of London.  The drawing shows the cathedral during the fire.  



Below are picture of St Paul's Cathedral before the fire.   Have a close look.  What type of lines and shapes can you see?






All the lines look straight, however if you take a closer look you will see the artist has used lots of different types of lines.  


Have a closer look at the windows and the doors.  What type of line is this? 


Task: Look at pictures below of St Paul's Cathedral.  Choose one part of the Cathedral to draw.  










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