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WB 28.09.20 Art Artist Study Lieve Pietersz Verschuier continued

Lesson One: To describe the work of the notable artist Lieve Verschuier. 



Have a look at the fire in the painting by Lieve Verschuier.  What colours can you see?   



Study the photographs below.  Use the adjective mat to describe fire.  






What colours can you see?

Do the colour blend together?


TASK: Go onto and create your own  picture.  This website is FANTASTIC, it has different types of paint brushes and you can select different shades of colour.  Have a play and create a fire background ready for tomorrows lesson. 


Here is one Mrs Hussain created.  Remember to save it as you will need it for tomorrows lesson.  



Lesson Two and Three: To create a representation of the Great Fire of London using drawing techniques. 


Over the next two days we will be working on adding a silhouette to your fire background picture you created yesterday.  


Look at the painting below.  The fire is burning in the background and the artist as created a silhouette in front.  We will be using different types of lines that we learnt last week to draw a silhouette.  



Here is some examples of what other children have done.  





Task: Add a silhouette of London to the fire background.  Work on your piece for two days adding detail.  Look at the pictures from last week for inspiration.   


Mrs Hussain has started her silhouette, she has used the following picture for inspiration and as a guide.  Can you see the lines ... I need to add more detail.    




Please take a screen shot of your art work - We would love to see it when you come back to school!


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