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Brookfields Primary School

Week beginning 28th September 2020

Hello FC and FH


We hope you had a good weekend.


Did you enjoy making the patterns with objects from your house? In school, we made patterns with coloured cubes, 2D shapes and we used our bodies to make patterns.



This week in Maths we are learning about numbers and place value and for English, we are going to listen to the story of 'Kipper's Birthday' and will do some work about the story. 


We hope you enjoy completing these activities.



Mrs Hussain and Mrs Cook


Watch one lesson per day.

Lesson 6 - 10  i, n, m, d

Maths - We would like you to sing along to this song every day and show the number of bottles left on your fingers.  

Ten Green Bottles | Early Years - Nursery Rhymes

Suitable for teaching 0-5s. An animated and subtitled version of the popular nursery rhyme, 'Ten Green Bottles'.

Nursery - Maths

Practise counting up to five on your fingers. Say the numbers as you hold up each finger.

Check that your child doesn't count too fast or too slow.

English - Listen to the story using the link below.

Kipper's Birthday by Mick Inkpen

Kipper's Birthday Written and illustrated by Mick Inkpen To purchase this book, please visit:

Maths - Practise counting up to 10, point to the numbers on the number line below or make your own number line.
Nursery - Repeat yesterday’s counting activity. Does your child hold up the correct number of fingers to the number spoken? Keep practising this activity.
English - Look at the pictures below. Name the character and the objects from the story.

English - We have been listening to Kipper’s Birthday. In the story, Kipper makes some invitations to invite his friends to his birthday party. Today we are going to make invitations in school. We are going to invite Mrs Cross to our class party which will be on Friday 9th October 2020 at 10.00 am in the Foundation classes.


We are going to decorate our invitations and practise writing our names inside. Who will you make an invitation for? We want you to make an invitation too and then practise writing your name.


Kipper made invitations like the ones below.




Parents we would like you to get a plate and put 7 objects on there. We have used biscuits. Then ask your child to estimate (guess) how many objects are on the plate.

Ask the questions below:

Do you think there are more than 5?

Do you think there are less than 10?

Then move the biscuits around on the plate. ask your child how many objects are there now.

Explain to your child that we have not taken any objects away nor have we added more. So the number of objects is the same.


Repeat this activity again with a different number of objects.



Nursery - Sing along to the nursery rhyme below. Copy the actions using 2 fingers.

Two little dicky birds nursery rhyme

Two Little Dicky Birds Lyrics : Two little dicky birds, Sitting on a wall. One named Peter, and one named Paul. Fly away, Peter, Fly away, Paul, Come back, P...

Today is National Poetry Day.


Listen to the Nursery Rhyme in the link below.

Can you hear any rhyming words? Rhyming words have the same sound at the end.

Patacake | The Baby Club

Giovanna sings "Pat-A-Cake". Join in at home! The Baby Club encourages parents, carers and their babies to explore everyday objects through discovery, play, ...

Nursery - Repeat yesterday’s rhyme. You can make 2 birds to use in your song.

 Maths - Subitising numbers

Use the link to roll the dice. Can your child recognise the numbers without counting the dots on the dice?


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