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Brookfields Primary School

week beginning 7.12.2020

Dear Foundation


 We hope you are all well and have had a good, restful weekend. This week we are continuing to work around the Christmas Story. In maths, we are looking at one more and one less than a given number under 10. In phonics, we are going to consolidate what we have learnt and will focus on segmenting and blending words.


In addition to this, we are practising our Christmas song. Please continue to support us with this by practising at home and support your children with their reading. 


We look forward to seeing you and the children tomorrow.


From the Early Years  Staff



Look at the picture below and talk about what you can see. Talk using full sentences.

Maths - Look at the numbers below and count up to to 30. Point to each number as you do. Then count from different numbers up to 30.


Look at the pictures below and write a label for them. Say the word, segment the word and listen to the letter sounds that are in the word and then write them down.

Use the alphabet mat to help you recognise and form the letters correctly.

Maths - Collect 10 objects. This could be spoons or pencils, whatever you can find.

Practise counting all the objects, touch each object as you count.

Then take 1 object away. How many do you have left? Check to see if you are right. Remember when you take away the number of objects will get less. Then repeat again by taking another object away. How many do you have left?

Repeat again.

English - Today we would like you to have a go at reading along with an adult. Remember to segment the words and blend them again to read just like we do in phonics.
Maths - Read the number cards. Can you show that many fingers? Now find 1 less than that number by putting 1 finger down. What is the answer?
Thursday - It is important that you remain healthy and fit. So today we would like you to do some exercise. Watch the video below and join in.

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Maths - Today we are going to find 1 less again by crossing off 1 object from each group of objects. Draw the same amount of objects then cross 1 off.

Warm up by counting up to 20 from different numbers using the number line below. 


Read the numbers below. Can you show this number on your fingers?  Can you draw this many circles?

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