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Brookfields Primary School

Week beginning 9th November 2020

Hello Foundation Class


We hope you had a good weekend and are well rested and ready for some more learning. Did you see any fireworks last week? Did you hear them? What sounds did they make? 
This week we are going to learn about Diwali. Diwali is celebrated by Hindus and it will be on the 14th November.  We shall also continue to consolidate our work on Phase 2 Phonics.


Please try and complete the activities that are set and we would like to thank parents for their continued support. 

Mrs Hussain and Mrs Cook




Complete Writing activity book pages 2 and 3. This work is assigned to your files on BGFL 365.
This week's story is Rama and Sita.  

Who are the characters in this story?

What happened to Sita?

Who helped Rama build the bridge?

How did Rama and Sita get home?

During FC’s afternoon register session, Mrs Cook had a little visitor at the back door. He came back and I managed to get a photograph of him in action!


Morning Teams session

English -

What story did we listen to yesterday?

Who were the characters?

How many heads did the demon have?

What happened to Sita?

Who saved Sita?


Look at the pictures and talk about what is happening in each picture. Can you tell you adult about the right order they should be in?



Afternoon Teams session


Look through our morning Teams meeting and have a go at the set task.

Wednesday 11th November is Remembrance Day. Can you make a poppy? Below are some ideas to help you.


Thursday morning Teams session

Morning task

Thank you to all parents for joining us on Teams this morning. FC's best turn out yet!

Thursday afternoon Teams session

Design and make a rocket



Play a game of 'Pudsey Says', same rules as Simon Says. Only perform the action if 'Pudsey Says'


Bottom Information


Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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