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Brookfields Primary School

Year 3 learning from home

Year 3!

 Welcome to your home learning page! 


We will be putting tasks on here daily to support you to learn whilst we are not at school. Please try your best to complete these tasks or ask an adult to help you. Remember to practise on Times Table Rockstars everyday and there are also videos to watch and activities to do on StudyZone! Try and read for at least 10 minutes everyday and continue to update your reading records.


Check out what is new on Active Learn! There is Abacus for Maths and Bug Club for reading, as well as lots of other different games and activities to help you with your home learning.


We look forward to seeing what you have done when we return!

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa



UNICEF-Rights Respecting Schools. Have a look at the RRS tab to find out which Children's Rights apply currently to keep you healthy and safe.

UNICEF-Rights Respecting Schools. Have a look at the RRS tab to find out which Children's Rights apply currently to keep you healthy and safe. 1

Friday 3rd April

Good morning! smiley Well done on 2 weeks of home learning, you have made it to the end of term! I hope you have had fun and well as learning new things whilst learning from home.

Well done 3B for winning the battle- look how close it was!


Today we would like you to finish your story. Look at the picture from Monday and use your plan from yesterday to write a really interesting story that captures the reader's attention.

Try to extend your sentences using conjunctions and 2A sentences like we practised at school.


Over the Easter Holidays

For the next two weeks we will not be posting activities on here every day. It is the Easter Holidays!  smiley We know it is a very different kind of holiday, it is for all of us, but spend this time relaxing and having fun with your family.

Log in to Active Learn there are still Maths activities on Abacus and books on Bug Club. Please still access these but we don't expect you on there every day! 

Look at the TT rockstars battles on here these battles will last the whole of the holidays so we expect some big scores! 3B are playing 4B and 3C are playing 5M.


Also, keep on going with the reading challenge! I am planning on reading lots of books!


Why not have a go at some of these ideas- you could take pictures, write about them in your book or just try them out! Remember you are allowed to go out for daily exercise every day for an hour so encourage your family to go for a walk to get some fresh air each day.


We are missing you a lot! We can't wait to see you when we are back at school and share all the lovely things we have all been doing at home.

Have fun, stay safe and look after your family.

Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa laugh

Thursday 2nd April


Good morning Year 3! laugh

We hope you are all still keeping safe and remembering to wash your hands properly.

Arien and Yaasir are top of the TT Rockstars leaderboard. Well done boys! We can see that Bery and Damiola have been working hard on TT Rockstars too. Keep it up girls, see if you can beat the boys! laugh

Teje and Tyler have been fantastic and are answering lots of questions correctly on Numbots, they have the most coins.


The current TT Rockstars battle scores are below.

Picture 1

Today we would like you to write a story based on the picture we have been looking at this week. You can do this over two days, so don't rush. First spend time planning the story think about what characters will be in the story, what will the problem be and how will the problem be resolved?

Picture 1

Once you have finished planning begin writing the story. You can use the setting and character descriptions from earlier on in the week in your story. Can you add in any direct speech? Maybe your characters can have a conversation. Don't forget to use the Year 3 words in your story.

We can't wait to read your stories.  


Keep safe and we will talk again tomorrow smiley

Wednesday 1st April

Hello Everyone! Hope you are all having a good week! smiley Remember to log into Active Learn to look at all the new activities on there. Well done to Eesaa and Nabil for having a go at the direct speech activity, keep up the good work!

3B are currently winning on TT Rockstars, come on 3C! Top of the leaderboards are Kairo and Yaasir. I can also see a few girls having a go so keep going!


Today we would like you to remind yourself of the picture from Monday. In the picture there is one character that you described yesterday. We would like you to write a conversation between this character and someone they might meet in your story. This could be the shopkeeper, a friend, a family member or someone on the street- it's up to you!


Remember the rules for direct speech- they are below.



Picture 1
We want you to keep practising your maths skills and times tables so why not get your family involved! Below are some games you could play together! Choose a time table you want to practise or find hard and get your siblings involved. Who is quicker than their mum or dad?
Picture 1
Have fun, stay safe and look after each other! We will speak to you tomorrow! smiley

Tuesday 31st March 


Good morning Year 3! smiley 

We hope you are all ok. We are missing you all so much and can't wait to see you again. Have you remembered to log onto TT Rockstars to take part in the battle (3C vs 3B)? Who do you think will win?


Don't forget to also check out the new activities we have set you on Active Learn.

You have each been given a selection of books to read (you can do this on your tablets or computers). These books are interactive, you will see activities and questions to answer as you read through the books. This is a chance to tick something off on the reading challenge!


We have also added an SPaG activity about direct speech. Remember what we have learnt this year about direct speech to answer the questions.  


Your activity for today is to create a character description. Look at the picture from yesterday and think about the character looking in the window. Remember to plan out your ideas first. Can you use adjectives to describe the characters appearance? Use verbs and adverbs to show what the character is doing and feeling. Take a look below to see an example of a character description about the Gruffalo.



Have a great day!

Miss Da-Costa and Miss Collier 








Picture 1
Picture 1

Monday 30th March

Good Morning Year 3! smiley

Hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready to do some more learning from home! There are some new activities to do on Abacus and some pages with questions to answer in your exercise books, so we hope to see you all on there this week! Remember to log in to TT Rockstars to see the battle 3B vs 3C (come on 3C wink) and check out the TT Rockstars page on here to look at the league tables.

Your learning project this week is 'The Area You Live In' so choose an activity from each section to do every day. This is a great one to talk to your family about as they may know more about the area than you. What can you find out?


This week we are going to do some writing! You need to look at the picture below everyday and we will give you an activity to do based on the picture. At the end of the week we will write a story using the ideas we have had throughout the week. We can't wait to read them.


Hope you have a great day! Miss Collier and Miss Da-Costa 

Picture 1
Today we would like you to look at the picture and create a setting description. You could plan it first by making a mind map of ideas. When you are writing, remember the ways to capture the readers attention. Use conjunctions, prepositions, adverbs and adjectives. Below is a page with some ideas on.
Picture 1

How are you getting on with the reading challenge? I wonder who will have ticked off the most by the time we go back to school!

This weekend we have been reading in our pyjamas, reading outside in the sun and reading books without any pictures.

Miss Collier: I have been trying to work out how to read in a library whilst they are closed and I think any collection of books is a library so I have been reading in my bedroom where my bookshelf is! Where is your home library?


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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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