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Brookfields Primary School

Year 4 learning from home

Friday 3rd April 

Well, its soon Easter holidays. Keep on going on to active learn. I have put on some books to read. Just go into active learn and you will find different books to  read. 

Here is an example of one book:


Time to do some drawing! Eagles are awesome birds. Top predators. or a harder one to try: 

TTRS UPDATE: Well done 4 M and 4B for winning their matches

TTRS UPDATE: Well done 4 M and 4B for winning their matches 1

Thursday 2nd April

Well done 4M players:  Aroon, Isa and Yousaf for your effort in TTRS. The rest of 4M get logged on and practice those times-tables and as a TEAM, get over the finishing line. 4B- well done Jessica, Zainab, Jacob and Jonah for leading your class in trying to beat 5M. 


SPANISH: Lets do some revision with Irene.


Then Put a heading in our work books  Animals   Watch the video and write down the names of the animals in Spanish and English. eg. un perro - dog


Wednesday 1st of April

TTRS: Well done to Jessica and Aroon for really working for the teams to get those points on the board. Come on, the rest of you, the matches finish tomorrow! 

Geography: .

Can you identify the physical features of the UK ? . ? 


Putting the heading Physical features of the UK  Click on this link and read. watch the video. Scroll down the web page ands you will see this: 



 Then put some sub headings mountains, rivers , national parks, forests, coastlines, Islands . And write a report on each section: (don't forget, we need to keep on top of our writing skills !) When we get back: smiley 10 house points for each person who has had a  go at this report.   


TTRS results and league table. Click on this link to read about the latest scores and positions and fixtures.

Tuesday 31st March

It is the last day of March. How are you guys doing ? keep playing TTRS as its the semi-finals and 4 M play 6F . The winner of this game, goes into the GRAND FINAL! 

4B you are playing 5M to see who can be the best out of the lower part of the league table. Don't forget, girl power ! 4 Girls get over 2000 points and you get an extra two league points! 


smileyTwo subjects today: smiley

1. Science- Electricity. Put the heading Electricity and make some notes about what it is ( electricity)  using the videos and information.  In addition, what are conductors and insulators? 


2. Active Learn:                    Lots of new activities to do in SPAG and Science. The screen shot is from a spelling game, I have added. 

Monday 30th March


Some of you love poems. Poems are a way of people sharing things on their heart. Read these poems about 'fear' In your Work book, put the title 'Fear Poems

1. Look at the poems. Which one is your favourite? Explain why.


2. Read this poem. What does fear  do to people? What does the poet suggest we do to help us defeat fear?





3. Why should we NOT walk in fear? 


Thinking abut our RE topic, the following poem links nicely.

4. What has God not promised?




5. What has God promised?   


6. What do you learn about fear from the quote below? 

7. List three things fear does

8. What must we do to the things fear feeds us? Can you give your own an example where you challenged a fear you had?  

Friday 27th March


What's the work for today? Well, let us do some Maths. Don't forget the maths work in the pack that was sent home with you . Oh, don't forget to scroll down this web page and look for the links to weekly work and also this weeks postings of work to be done at home .

In addition, I have found a great website with videos to watch and worksheets for you to do.yes Lets keep learning, and remembering that if we don't go over and over work done, that our brains get 'leaky' and we begin to forget information. When we get back to school, and that could be a few weeks after Easter : we want to make sure we have been revising and practicing all our subjects to stop us falling behind. smiley

Website:   Go to it: watch the video and download the worksheet. Answer in the work book. mark it with the answers found on the website. 

Thursday 26th March 


Hola! como estas?  time to learn some Spanish today. 

Watch the video about the house and names of rooms



Then in your work book put the heading Spanish Household Vocab

Make a list of the rooms and items and put the Spanish equivalent ( at least 15 items and places) 

eg. 1.  el dormitorio -  bedroom

2. la cocina- Kitchen 

3. La Puerta- 


Can you use the internet to find the Spanish for:

Supermarket, TV, curtain, window, remote control, tap and cushion?


A shout out to Mohammed N for being on active learn and completing the tasks. 

Wednesday 25th March


Bob is looking to go on holiday after this Pandemic. He wants to visit the major cities of the UK but he doesn't know where. This where is has asked you guys to help him out. 

Firstly, you need to play this quiz about the cities to remind you of the main ones; Can you beat the record score of 13.4 seconds?

Then there is a harder quiz to do.  Try this quiz aswell:

Put in your work book Top ten cities of the UK 

Use this website to start off with

( scroll down the page) and write 5 facts each about the top ten cities of the UK including where to visit in that city ( places to see and visit)  

for eg

Manchester: 1.  It is the 7th biggest city in the UK 

2. it has a population of 393515 people . 3. It is found in the North West of England. 4. Places to visit is Man United's Football ground 5. Museum of science and industry


TTRS shout out to Najma for moving up the leader board and helping our class get closer to 6F total. 


Tuesday 24th March


Hi Guys !  Firstly well done to Mohammed N for getting 100% in the active learn games and


also Mumtaz and Jeremiah for doing lots of the tasks. Come on guys, the rest need to catch up and try some of the tasks set! 

Also: We are losing in TTRS! We have to catch up and beat those 6F! Two days until this battle finishes! Well done to Aroon for getting the most and Abdi, Levi and Isa for lots of coins ! Aroon, Abdi, Levi and Isa's scores !


Todays task: Go the science museum and try this activity. Also they have some great science games to play online. Click on the link below:


MONDAY 23rd March. 

Hey guys ! How are you all doing ? Click on the TTRS link to see the latest score! We need to keep on playing to beat the year 6 ! We want to finish as high as possible in the league table. 

So, keep on working through the work pack- and looking at the links below. I will be checking to see if you have been on TTRS and active learn.


Right! Today's activity is to look at some poetry. 

1. Read the poems

2. Answer these questions in your work book . Put the title Hope Poems

a. What is the theme of all the poems?

b. Which is you favourite one? Explain why 

c. Why might these poems be helpful to people? 

d. Reading these poems. Can you list 5 things that hope can do for people?

e.g 1. it is the thing that makes you get up and go

2.           3.         4.        5.  

10 house points for anyone who can write a poem on hope ( at least 6 lines)



UNICEF-Rights Respecting Schools. Have a look at the RRS tab to find out which Children's Rights apply currently to keep you healthy and safe.

UNICEF-Rights Respecting Schools. Have a look at the RRS tab to find out which Children's Rights apply currently to keep you healthy and safe. 1

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