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Brookfields Primary School

Year 4 learning from home

Y4 Remote Learning

29.06.21 - 05.07.21


There will be no live session on Friday and Monday, however the children are still expected to complete their daily online learning below. 

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Monday 5th July 2021



Please complete tasks set on Active Learn. 


Remember to go onto TTRockstars. 

Active Learn Link


Bug Club on Active Learn

You have been set books to read daily.

Active Learn - Bug Club


To explore the four types of sentence - statement, command, exclamation and question.

In this lesson, we will begin by revising some spelling rules. Then we will revise the differences between clauses and phrases. We will then introduce the four types of simple sentence: statement, command, question and exclamation. Pupils will then have an opportunity to apply this learning.

Link to Lesson


Finish off your project on Italy. You will be presenting this to the class next week. 

You could include: 

  • Human geography - landmarks, cities and trade 
  • Physical geography - Alps and Apennines, rivers, volcanoes and climate
  • Traditions and culture - Italy - Italy - Italy


What are pitch and frequency?

In today's lesson, we will explore pitch and frequency of sound waves.

Link to Lesson


Some of you asked for a Kahoot quiz. Please click on the link below. 

Kahoot Quiz - Times Tables



Friday 2nd July 2021



Please complete tasks set on Active Learn. 


Remember to go onto TTRockstars. 

Active Learn Link


Bug Club on Active Learn

You have been set books to read daily.

Active Learn - Bug Club


To explore using apostrophes for plural possession

Link to Lesson


Finish off your project on Italy. You will be presenting this to the class next week. 

You could include: 

  • Human geography - landmarks, cities and trade 
  • Physical geography - Alps and Apennines, rivers, volcanoes and climate
  • Traditions and culture - Italy - Italy - Italy


How are different sounds produced?

Link to Lesson


Some of you asked for a Kahoot quiz. Please click on the link below. 

Kahoot Quiz - Sound


Another wellbeing bingo. How many can you tick off today?

Thursday 1st July 2021



Please complete tasks set on Active Learn. 


Remember to go onto TTRockstars. 

Active Learn Link


Bug Club on Active Learn

You have been set books to read daily.

Active Learn - Bug Club


To revise apostrophes for contraction and singular possession

Link to lesson


We would like you to complete a project on Italy. You will be presenting this to the class next week. 

You could include: 

  • Human geography - landmarks, cities and trade 
  • Physical geography - Alps and Apennines, rivers, volcanoes and climate
  • Traditions and culture


Please see the examples below. - Italy - Italy - Italy


We are beginning a new Science Topic  - Sound. 

Follow the link to complete the first lesson

Link to Lesson


Some of you asked for a Kahoot quiz. Please click on the link below. 

Kahoot Quiz - Classifying Animals


Remember to look after your mental health whilst we are learning at home. Have a go at the 'Wellbeing Bingo' at home. How many can you do? 

Wednesday 30th June 2021



Please complete tasks set on Active Learn. 


Remember to go onto TTRockstars. 

Active Learn Link


Bug Club on Active Learn

You have been set books to read daily.

Active Learn - Bug Club


To introduce apostrophes for singular possession

Link to lesson


We would like you to complete a project on Italy. You will be presenting this to the class next week. 

You could include: 

  • Human geography - landmarks, cities and trade 
  • Physical geography - Alps and Apennines, rivers, volcanoes and climate
  • Traditions and culture


Please see the examples below. - Italy - Italy - Italy




Tuesday 29th June 2021



Please complete tasks set on Active Learn. 


Remember to go onto TTRockstars. 

Active Learn Link


Bug Club on Active Learn

You have been set books to read daily.

Active Learn - Bug Club


To understand the two functions of apostrophes

Link to lesson


We would like you to complete a project on Italy. You will be presenting this to the class next week. 

You could include: 

  • Human geography - landmarks, cities and trade 
  • Physical geography - Alps and Apennines, rivers, volcanoes and climate
  • Traditions and culture - Italy - Italy - Italy

How to access online learning through Microsoft Teams

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When can you get help?


Mrs Bibi-Aziz and Mrs Ford will be around to help you at the times below. When they are offline, they are preparing your online work for tomorrow!

Mrs Bi and Miss Williams will be around to help at other times.

Hello Year 4!


We will now be learning online. You will need to log into you BGfL 365 accounts to access your daily learning. There are video tutorials below to help you with accessing your learning. Please contact us or message us if you need any support.





Online Learning Throughout the Day

Your online learning can be accessed at any time during the day. There are video tutorials below that show you how to access your learning. You can complete your online learning from the morning. You also have access to your CGP books (if you have collected them) to complete work.


You will need to complete your maths, guided understanding and English first. Once you have completed the work, you can then continue with the wider curriculum learning. 


Below are links to additional learning. 



Bug Club


How to access your online learning.

Still image for this video


We will be on Teams for this hour. We will use this time to talk about the work for the day and answer any questions about your online learning.  

How to access the online session on Teams at 10.30.

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We will be online on the chat in the day (it will be locked at night) to help you with your work if you need it and we will be marking your work and giving you feedback so make sure you check your work!



How to access your class novel.

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Autumn 1 Online Learning

Friday 3rd July

The weekend is almost here again. I don't know where all the time goes!!

Remember keep on with Active Learning and TT Rock Stars. Well done to all those of you who are keeping up with TT Rock Stars. I do check the individual scores every week.


Fun fact

Did you know it takes eight minutes and 19 seconds for light to travel from the sun to Earth.

Go on impress someone in your family with this piece of information.


English- Week 10 Lesson 1



Maths- White Rose Week 9 Lesson 4.



Thursday 2nd July

Hola Year 4


Fun Fact for the day

Did you know, today is the 183rd day of the year. We are officially half way through the year!

Remember to share this nugget of information with someone in your family.


Maths- White Rose Week 9 Lesson 3- Estimating Money


English- Week 9 Friday

Remember to keep on with your reading. Try and make time for at least 20 mins reading today.

 Have a go at writing your own story using some of the techniques used in the video.


Wednesday 1st July

Hi all here's hoping that you are all well and keeping safe.

Fact for the day

Did you know that the month of July was named after the Julius Caesar.

Share this bitesized fact with your family.


Rememember keep working on TT Rock Stars and Active Learn.

Maths- White Rose Week 9 Lesson 2 Ordering Money


Tuesday 30th June

Hi all, hope you're all enjoying the sun.

Fact for the day

Did you know that the number forty is the only number whose letters are in alphabetical order.


Reading- please make sure you are reading for at least 20 mins each day

Remember keep up with Active learning and TT Rock Stars.

English and Maths

Don't forget Week 9 Wednesday lesson.


This week for maths, we will be doing work on money using White Rose home learning.

Lesson one- pounds and pence

Monday 29th June


 What do kids play when they can’t play with a phone?
Bored games


Active Learn!  Are you playing the Math's games? Have you read the books? Only a few children are doing this: please have a go.

Have you collected the new work books from school ? 

English and Maths

Week 9 Tuesday's lesson





TTRS results: 


Best Class: Well done 4BWell done Jessica! It was mainly down to you that made sure we beat the other two schools!!!!!


Best School ! We won! 


Tuesday 23rd June

 What do you call a monkey at the North Pole?


Week 8 Wednesday's lesson



Watch the video and read the text . Do the quiz and go the special computing website on internet safety. 


Make any notes in your work book .  Draw a mind map about viruses and malware:



Wednesday 24th June


How do you stop a bull from charging? 

You unplug it

Week 8 Thursday's Lesson 


Teeth and the digestive system.

This is a big topic: are you prepared for the challenge?

Make/ write  a report about the digestive system. Here are some sub-headings: 



The mouth


The stomach

The intestines


Thursday 25th June

What is brown and sticky?

A stick.




How we hear sound

Watch the videos, do the quizzes and draw a diagram of the ear and make a lovely, coloured, labelled picture of the inside of the ear 



Go to Fridays lesson week 8:


Friday 26th June

Have you heard the one about the student who was afraid of negative numbers?

He'll stop at nothing to avoid them


Some more science and reading: Week 9 Monday


Monday 22nd June


What did the ocean say to the pirate?
Nothing, it just waved.



Learn about Volcanoes


Science, Reading and Maths

week 8 Wednesday's lesson

Friday 19th June

TTRS! Well done smileyJessicasmiley for basically keeping us  in the competition !

4M where are you ??????????????

Here are the current standings with hours to go. 4M - get yourselves on to TTRS and play to make sure we win. 



Do you get the hint?


Why do fish live in salt water?
Because pepper makes them sneeze


Reading, Maths and Spanish

Tuesday's  lesson Week 8

Thursday 18th June


 How do squids get to school?

They take an octobus.



watch the video about melting metals

Write a short report, with pictures explaining the experiment and what the video was teaching you ! Label your pictures.

Gallium Metal: 

write a short report with great presentation about Gallium. What temperature does it melt at? 

What can you do with it? How can you melt it? What is strange about it compared to other metals ? What things did the man do to the metal?



Don't forget: neat presentation. Join those letters, write neatly, keep on the line- underline your headings

Wednesday 17th June 


What do you call a deer with no eyes?

"No eye-deer"


I know the jokes are getting funnier all the time. I can hear you laughing now! laugh

TTRS! Let us keep up with practise everyday! 10 minutes is all you need to do, unless the other schools are beating us by a massive score- then you need to spend ages on it so we don't lose! 

Bug club, on active learn? How is the book reading going? 


Maths, Reading and RE


Maths work on collecting data and making graphs


This is good revision for work we did this year!

Tuesday 16th June



What kind of tree fits in your hand?

A palm tree

Hey Folks! How is your Tuesday going? 

Did you do some TTRS? Have you been on Active learn? What about Studyzone? 


Writing and Maths: Go to FRIDAY's lessons ( we are two days behind)


BBC: Lets look at some dictionary work on Synonyms

Answer any questions in your workbooks- remembering neat handwriting, good presentation. Sow good seeds of presentation and you will reap smart, tidy, impressive, teacher pleasing work for years to come!


Monday 15th June


 What do you call bears with no ears?



Hey guys! Hope you are well! Don't forget TTRS starts today. 


SPAG, Maths and Reading 

Thursday's lesson:


coolDo this reading activity: coolDon't forget to use your workbook to record answers. Best handwriting and keep up good presentation. Once we are back in school, you will have your teachers nagging, making sure your handwriting is neat and you present your work neatly! So get into the habit of good presentation !

smileyNEW TTRS Competition! smiley

We are playing some other schools!  Chilwell Croft and Lozells Primary schools ! It starts on Monday ! ( there might be others that join) So get ready to play and we need all hands to get on the ipads, tablets, phones and laptops to beat the other schools !

Friday 12th June


Why do you never see elephants hiding in trees?

Because they're so good at it! 





The water cycle Song! 

Listen to it a few times- it is catchy .

Go to BBC website: watch the vids and do the quiz about the water cycle - to help you understand it.



Then draw a poster about the water cycle: You will need to also write a short report about the cycle after drawing the poster.Headings: IntroductionEvaporation, Condensation, Precipitation, Return to Sea


Look at these examples to help you:


Some Maths work :

Thursday 11th June


What does every birthday end with?

The letter Y



smileyRemember guys! Lets keep working and focused! We put in effort to our learning, we will reap lots of reward ! Getting yourself ready for next year and future years ! Hard work will add much to you ( even though you don't feel it at the time!)cool 


Active learn: Are you reading Bug Club books?  Are you going on the abacus maths games? I have added some more !


Maths and English

Today we are doing Tuesday's lesson ! 



we have drawn mountains. Now draw a Beach scene!

Wednesday 10th June


Why did the teacher wear sunglasses to school?

Because his students were so bright


English, Maths and RE 

BBC Bitsize:   Lets do some Maths. Put the heading in your workbook Dividing by 10


smileyThen guys: smiley

Please do MONDAY'S lesson

Tuesday 9th June

 What do you call a fish without an eye? 

A fsh


Active learn:

Have you read all the books in bug club ?   NEW Books  added !  Have you done all the math's activities? 


SPAG, Maths and RE Go to Fridays' lessons on the website. 

Monday 8th June

Let us keep going guys! Remember we are on a long journey and we have to keep working hard and motivate ourselves to keep learning and studying.  All the hard work you are doing is preparing you for  year 5 and soon it will be year 6 then year 7 ! every bit of knowledge and practice we do and learn is like sowing seeds into our life. Eventually those seeds will grow into useful things to help us get on in life and get qualifications! 

The less seeds / knowledge we put into our lives the less useful things will grow up for us to use -  What you sow , you will reap ! Sow little - reap little. Sow lots - reap lots. 

Keep working hard! 


Why did the banana go to the doctor?

Because it wasn’t peeling well



What is inference?   Watch the videos, answer the questions. Put a heading in your work Book Inference


Some more RE, Maths and SPAG - Go to Thursday's lesson  - because we are behind !

Friday 5th June

Why did the kid bring a ladder to school?

Because she wanted to go to high school.



Put heading: 


Watch Superbook and the temptation of Jesus: 

Answer these questions

1.What did the devil tempt Jesus with?   What does tempt/ temptation mean? 

2. How did Jesus answer the devil?  What sort of things did Jesus say to him?

3. What was Chris Tempted with in the story?

4. When you are tempted to do wrong things: what can you do to avoid falling into temptation?




Maths, Reading and Some Science


Click on Wednesday's lessons ( we are two days behind!) Try the activities and anything that needs to be written down: put in your workbooks. 


Thursday 4th June


What did the banana say to the dog?

Nothing. Bananas can’t talk




Continue drawing mountains.  Try many sketches! Add extra features like birds, sun, trees e.t.c


National academy!  Some Spanish, maths and Reading

GO TO TUESDAY'S LESSON ! We are two days behind.

Wednesday 3rd June


National Academy

Maths and PSHE 


Go to this page: Start on Monday's lessons ( we are two days behind!) 



writing Formal reports:


This is going to take you some time: don't rush it! Watch the video, try the questions and then write your own report on Badgers. And that means more than half a page of writing!

Tuesday 2nd June

New Books in Active learn/ Bug Club  to read 



Why did the cookie go to the hospital?

Because he felt crummy



Watch the videos. In your work book write the heading   Changing State

and the sub headings   boiling     freezing       condensing      melting 

Explain what is each means.   Write down under the sub-headings examples of each one.  e.g: Chocolate melts in warm weather.


Watch the youtube video below. Draw in your work book what you see and write several sentences about what you see and explain what happens

And just for interest: watch the video about melting metals!  surprise



Listen to the reading, answer the questions in your Work book.  


Monday 1st June

How are you doing ? Hope you are all well.  lets crack on with the work. We have to get ready for year 5 and not fall behind. 



Watch the vids, answer the questions




Comparing fractions!

Go to the webpage. Watch the videos, download the questions. 

We Miss You!

coolWeekly learning!cool

Here is a screen shot of the weekly learning projects you can do  at home alongside the daily tasks. Click on the below link to get the actual pdf. These are tasks you can do alongside the workbooks, workpacks and daily work put on the website by Brookfields.  

It's now half-term holiday, so next week there will not be tasks on the website daily. BUT you can carry on with these awesome weekly learning projects from Robin Hood trust.

Friday 22nd May



Teacher: Mira went to the library at 5:15 and left at 5:45. How long was Mira at the library?
Student: Not long

Latest TTRS results - go to the TTRS page and see where Year 4 girls and Boys stand in the league tables.


HAVE YOU BEEN ON ACTIVE LEARN?- play Math's games and BUG CLUB- to read the books?

HAVE YOU BEEN ON TTRS? Daily Times-tables work !





Put the title: Mountains

Watch the videos, answer the quizzes, if you can download and print out the activities.

If you cannot print out the activities, go to the below link and draw some mountains- some art work. Label the pictures. Watch the video on how to draw mountains.

Do some more art work and learn how to draw landscapes with mountains in them.


Aliens Literacy work

Thursday 21st May

Q. What do you get when you cross a centipede with a parrot? A. A walkie-talkie


Art Task

Charlie and the chocolate factory. Draw your dream candy / chocolate land. Watch the video clip of the old version of the film to get some ideas. Pictures underneath as-well - for more ideas.



Writing Task

Put heading:  Play ground activities  Use paragraphs, fronted adverbials, Expanded noun phrases to write a report. I have included pictures of play ground equipment to give you ideas. Include what the children think / feel about the new equipment . Make a plan first. 

TTRS World record attempt ! 

Hey! TTRS have teamed up with the official Guinness Book of Records to see who can get the WORLD RECORD!  Can anyone from Brookfield's school be the WORLD RECORD HOLDER?

Click on this link, if you think you are ready for it...

Wednesday 20th May

Q: What's the best time to go to the dentist? A: Tooth hurty


How is the Aliens literacy  work going on ? Scroll down to download the booklet with lots of activities to do. 



Put title Solids. Liquids and Gases

Aim is to make an information poster on what are Solids, Liquids and gases

Watch the below video . Make notes. Look at the information I have put in this section. Use the examples to make your own poster. In the poster: put what makes a solid a solid , a gas a gas and a liquid a liquid. eg. Solids have a fixed shape.

Tuesday 19th May 


Joke: I visited the Air and Space Museum...Nothing was there.


Hey Awesome year 4 . 

Have you been on TTRS? Have you read anything this week? Have you been on active learn to read the new books? 



Download first news and the different level questions/ crosswords. Answer the questions in your workbook ( The answers to the crosswords) 

Monday 18th May




Q: What do you call four bullfighters in quicksand? A: Quattro sinko.

Hi guys ! How are you all doing ? Hope you are well. Keep on working hard- realizing that all the effort you put into your work will help you for year 5 and beyond! 

The Alien booklet from last week- do some more of that and then try the Maths. On this page, there are two worksheets to download and answer. 

I have also added some more books into BUG CLUB! Don't forget to keep on reading and make a note in your reading Journal. 

smileyWell Donesmiley to Isa, Aroon, Mardiya, Aisha, Ottman and Zainab,  Mohammed and Mohammed for reading these books...…..where is everyone else?  Hello,  Year 4 ? Lets use this resource and keep on reading! There is a whole range of books to read. Below is a pic of the inside of one of the books to read....



Division questions: Go to the BBC link and watch the video and then down load the worksheets. Answer them in your work books. 


Thought I would put an introduction at the start of the yesbest home learning pageyes in the school. I have mag-pied Year 3's introduction.wink

We will be putting tasks on here daily to support you to learn whilst we are not at school. Please try your best to complete these tasks or ask an adult to help you. Remember to practise on Times Table Rockstars everyday and there are also videos to watch and activities to do on StudyZone! Try and read for at least 10 minutes everyday and continue to coolupdate your reading


Check out what is new on Active Learn!

There is Abacus for Maths and Bug Club for reading, as well as lots of other different games and activities to help you with your home learning.

ALERT  ALERT  ALERT Accelerated Reader link is this:


We look forward to seeing what you have done when we return!

Friday 15th May

Go the ttrs page to see the latest league table and well done to the boys for just beating the girls! Click on the link:



Q: What did one maths book say to the other? A: Don't bother me I've got my own problems!




Go to this page and begin to answer the questions, plan writing, practise using words. This will take longer than one session! IN your work books answer any questions and activities. Link below: 


Thursday 14th May

Last time I looked year 4 boys and girls in TTRS were very close to each other. The boys were just winning. I wonder who will be the best ? Girls or Boys?




Solids Liquids and Gases

Watch the videos on bbc  and do the quiz. Then if you are allowed watch these amazing videos about different gases!

This one is amazing: 

Speak like Darth Vader

Exploding bubbles

Carbon dioxide rocket:


Reading Lesson:

Wednesday 13th May


Q: What do you get if you cross an angry sheep and a moody cow? A: An animal that's in a baaaaaaaaad mooooooooooood

Title : Similes and Metaphors

Watch the videos and answer the questions in your work book 


Active Zone: Lots of maths games, reading to do . Make sure you are filling your reading record ! New books added

Tuesday 12th May


Q: What do you call an animal you keep in your car?

A: A Carpet


Writing Task:




Put heading : Contours/Keys and Symbols

Monday 11th May


 Why did the student eat his homework?

Because the teacher told him it was a piece of cake!




Lots of new stuff on active learn: Go to Math's Factor 

White rose Hub

Make sure you choose week 3 

TTRS results:

Go the school TTRS page to see the latest results and who is playing who from Friday. Here are the league tables:

Friday 8th May



What did the left eye say to the right eye?

Between us, something smells!

What do you call a dinosaur that is sleeping?

A dino-snore!


Today you are going to make paper airplanes!


Put a title in your work books Different designs of paper airplanes

Try making aat least 6 of them. Carefully tear pages out of the bacl of your work book if you have no other paper. Click on the pictures on the website and it will link you to pages that will tell you how to make them!


Put a sub heading in your books and comment on how easy or hard it was to 1. Make it 2. How did it fly?    3. How far did it fly?

For e.g  The basic plane  This was easy to make because I 

have made lots of these before . It flew straight and high then suddenly dipped. It flew all the way across the living room.



Thursday 7th May


I don't feel like putting a joke on today. I write this with great sadness. I have just looked at the TTRS scores and year 3 boys are thrashing Year 4 boyssadsadcryingnoindecisionIt cannnot be left to Aroon to get all the points! Come on boys: One day to go. 


Did you do all the Maths from Monday?


Today we have Geography and English:

Put heading Time Zones




Put a title Conjunctions  in your work Book. Make some notes from the video.

Watch the videos

Wednesday 6th May


Have you been on Active learn recently? There are new  reading books. Make sure you are updating your Home reading record.surprise

Study Zone: laughWell done Afreen and Adn for getting in the top 10laugh . Where is everyone else? Learn some SPAG and watch the videos. 

TTRS- Oh by the way, Year 4 boys- the year 3 boys are very close to us in the score.sad Let's get a super high score. Don't forget- you can only get 10,000 points each. 



Q: What happened when the frog's car broke down on the side of the road? A: It gets toad away

Q: What did the wild cat couple yell during their argument? A: "You're such a cheetah!" "No, you're lion!


Put title 'Apostrophes for possession

Go to BBC web page and watch the videos and answer the questions (scroll down the page) in your work book

Tuesday 5th May


Why didn’t the skeleton go to the dance? He had no body to dance with



electrical circuits- go to this webpage. Watch the videos a couple of times and answer these questions.

Put the heading in your work book How to change a circuit

Copy and fill in the missing words    Battery  circuit   Bulbs    closed  Together  Complete   gap


Electricity can flow through the components in a _________ electrical circuit.

A circuit always needs a power source , such as a _______, with wires connected to both the positive (+) and negative (-) ends. A battery is made from a collection of cells connected _________.

A circuit can also contain other electrical components, such as _________, buzzers or motors, which allow electricity to pass through.

Electricity will only travel around a _________ that is complete. That means it has no gaps. You can use a switch in a circuit to create a _______ in a circuit. This can be used to switch it on and off.

When a switch is open (off), there is a gap in the circuit. Electricity cannot travel around the circuit. When a switch is ______ (on), it makes the circuit complete. Electricity can travel around the circuit.


If you want to some extra science-  go to this page



Go to this page and watch the videos: IN your work book write a few sentences how the children worked together as a team

Monday 4th May


How does a scientist freshen their breath? With experi-mints!




5 lessons with worksheets : Watch the videos, answer the questions in your work book . Put a heading and date . You can do all the lessons in one day or do a lesson a day. 


Once you have done some maths, get on to some Art:  When we get back we will be reading Charlie and Chocolate Factory.  I want you to have a go drawing some of the characters from the story: 

The famous Quentin Blake - shares how to draw Willy Wonka

Have a go at drawing him or other characters from the story. I have added pictures to help you : 

Hey Guys: check out the TTRS web page on this website. See the results and well dones

Friday 1st May



 I’m not scared of insects… But they really bug me


What do you call a dinosaur who knows all the words? A thesaurus


 Don’t spell part backward. It’s a trap

TTRS: Well done boys ! You beat year 5 ! Awesome smileylaughsmileylaughsmileylaugh Well done Isa, Aroon and Yousaf  for standing up and being totally rocktastic - well done the rest of you boys for having a go ( Well done for Jaiden having a go aswell!) 

Well done Year 4 girls: Aisha, Jessica and Mardiya were super rocktastic in getting most points  on the board. 

Remember the rules for this competition: as individuals you cant go over 10,000 coins. This is to stop some teams depending on one person who is on TTRS all the time winning all the points for the whole class.


How did the story about Bob go yesterday?  Hope you wrote a great recount. 


Reading Corner:

Have you gone on to Bug Club on active learn? Are you filling in your reading record?

It's a reading comprehension on baking bread. Answer in your work book. Put at the top of your work-the heading and date.  I will publish the answers  on Monday. There is some Spanish to do after this reading


Put a heading Spanish words for food

Watch the video and make a list in your work books of the different types of food and the Spanish name for them. E.g fish- pescado

Thursday 30th April


Q: Why is England the wettest country?
A: Because the queen has reigned there for years


Q: Why did the fly never land on the computer?

A: He was afriad of the world wide web.


Will the real year 4 rock heroes stand up! Boys we are getting closer to the year 5 score. But we want some boys to get on it and beat the year 5! Who are going to be heroes and save the day? 

laughWell done to all those on the score board.laugh Isa and Aroon - you guys are true Times tables Rockstars! We have one more day to go. Year 4 girls: what can I say? Jessica, Aisha and Mardiya- you are rocktastic!

Well done to the other girls who have played. Remember guys- it is about winning but also practicing your times tables coolSO YOU GET BETTER AT THEM!cool We need to know them by the end of year 4!



Writing Task: 


Stories from other cultures: 

Go to this website page.

SCROLL DOWN until you find the video 'The catch'

I want you to write a recount of the story. Write out the story. I want you to focus on the emotions smileysadlaughfrownsurprisecryingand the thoughts of the boy ( let's call him Bob)  through the story. What is he feeling? What is he thinking to himself? Remember fronted adverbials for when, ( moments later...)  how, ( suddenly...) and where ( sitting at river.....) 

Here are some of the events to mention in your recount: how does he feel? What is he thinking? 

Waiting with anticipation for the first catch, 
    - The distress caused by seeing the injured fox,
    - Anger at the fox stealing the fish, 
    - Chasing the fox,
    - Surprise and excitement at seeing the giant fish, 
    - Trying to catch it, 
    - The catch at the end.


Here is an example of an introduction: 

Deep in the lush , vivid, Amazon forest with millions of tall trees and howling monkeys, Bob sat at the pond, fishing for his dinner. He was hungry. Also his whole family was looking to him to get some food today. He had been waiting all day to catch something. He thought he'd never get anything- maybe all the fish had gone from this pond. In addition, Bob wasn't looking forward to seeing his family with no fish for their supper. 

Then suddenly, waking him out of his sadness, his fishing rod started to move.' Yes!' he thought to himself. Dinner is coming!

Wednesday 29th April


Q: Who built the ark?
A: I have Noah idea!


Q: What kind of lighting did Noah use for the ark?
A: Floodlights


Did you go onto bug club? smileyAre you doing the weekly activities?smiley ( scroll down and click on the links) 


Good old BBC has provided some great resources.




Today we will be looking at apostrophes for combining words. Put this heading in your work book. Watch the videos

and then do the activities- answer the questions below in your work books. 


coolExtension Activities:cool Look at hyphens and dashes



Tuesday 28th UPDATE!

sadHardly anyone is going on active learn! sadI have set Maths activities for everyone to do. These Activities are designed to revise the Maths we have already covered in year 4

There are  lots of great books to read . By the way we need to be updating our reading records. surprise If you happen to have your own books- keep on reading and update your reading record. 

Here are five books you can read on Bug Club. Go to active learn ( the link above) and you should be able to access these books. 

Tuesday 28th April


Joke: Why didn't the two fours want any dinner

Answer: because they had already 8!


Study Zone:

Have you been on it? Have you watch the videos? Well Adn has been really busy on it.  smileyyescoolenlightenedWell done! Lots of house points when we get back to school. Here is the link to log on:

Your log on is inside the front cover of your work book. Look at the two league tables of people who have been on Studyzone. 

smileyWell done to Maria, Prova, Aisha and Yousafsmiley


Science Work

We are looking at the topic of enlightenedelectricityenlightened Last week we looked at how electricity is made ( I look forward to seeing those posters you have drawn and labelled) We also made lists of items that use mains electricity and batteries. Today we are looking at 'Circuits' . Put a heading in your work book 'Circuits'   Watch the videos and make a poster:  draw a diagram with a bulb, wires, switch and battery.  Label them. Add information to the poster like how a circuit works, and what is electicity

Answer these questions The BBC live lesson will help you with answers.


1.What do you need to hit to get the light on?

2. Electricity is the flow of_________________?

3. What is another name for a battery?

4. What is a circuit?

5. Why is a circuit important?

6. A switch __________ the loop

7. What are the symbols for a battery , switch, buzzer and bulb? Draw them. 


Static Electricty

Watch these cool videos about a type of electricity we all know about.

Put the heading Static Electricity  Watch the experiments. Can you try any of them at home? Choose 5 of them in the video and draw them, add labels to EXPLAIN what is happening or if you are not to the pics of the experiment write your questions such as Why did the plate jump off the other plate?



Monday 27th April


Teacher: Why are you doing the multiplication on the floor?

Pupil: You told me not to use tables!


Don't forget the weekly tasks . scroll down below. There is lots to do! Have you been on Studyzone?

Timestables Rockstars ! well done to Jessica and Aisha for getting lots of points in the match. Well done to the others for helping. Well done to Aroon for being the main Year 4 boy! Jules, well done for getting some points aswell. And the few others. sadBut where is everyone else? sadwe can't let the Year 5 boys beat us! 


This website has a lesson for EVERYDAY this week! 5 lessons.enlightened SO you can keep busy with this! You can do them all in one go or everyday. !

Friday 24th April


What did the pen say to the pencil? ( scroll down after today's work to find the answers) 

Another Joke: 

Teacher: If I had 6 oranges in one hand and 7 apples in my other hand, what would I have?


Don't forget Study Zone. Lets see who can get the highest in the league table for the most questions answered and the longest time watching videos! 

Times Tables Rockstars. We are playing year 5 ! 

Scroll down for the weekly activities. There is lots to do! smileyyescoolenlightened


The BBC have pages dedicated to homeschooling. We are going to look at some poetry. Go the BBC page

smileyWatch the videos, read the poems and Answer the questions on the webpagesmiley in your Work Book 

Put the heading: Allan Ahlberg Poems

Here is the poem and some questions. There is another poem called excuses on the bbc webpage above. Answer those questions aswell. 


Also: practice performing the poem. Using Intonation, expressions, actions and loud voices!


Answer to Joke:  So what is your point?

Answer to teacher joke:  Student: Big hands!


Why did the kid cross the playground?

Ans-To get to the other slide.


Wednesday 23rd April

Story writing time:  You’ve become fantastic story writers . We need to keep up with our skills and carry on writing . 

At least 1 page: You and Bob have come across a portal. What world will you step into? Use the five senses, the 5 Ws, frontal adverbials, speech, Expanded Noun Phrases and ,.?! 

Starts this FRIDAY!

Wednesday 22nd April

Don't forget to look at the TTRS school webpage , have a go at Studyzone ( see if you can get to the top of the league table ) and go on to active learn. Lots of things for you to do ! 


Right guys: We have to keep on top of our Maths. This website link, has work for each week. It has videos to show you what the topic is and a worksheet you can read and answer ( answer in your home workbook Put the heading: Lesson 1 Recognizing tenths and hundreths   Answer the questions and then do lesson 2, 3, 4, 5smiley If the schools are closed until the Summer holidays ( and that is a maybe- we don't know when we all come back to school yet) ..the work on this website will help you keep on top of your Maths and make you ready for Year 5

Tuesday 21st April

Don't forget to check out the TTRS webpage on this website: To see who are the TOP year 4 players of the competition and who won the ALL time coin collector in all the year groups for the Competition. Also the enlightenedGirl Powerenlightened award goes to one girl in year 4!


Todays work:


Put the heading in your work book:  Batteries and Main Power. Watch the Videos. Then complete a survey in your house  ( if you can think of things at schools or factories aswell) THAT USE EITHER BATTERIES OR MAINS POWER. Go around your house and identify things that use batteries and mains electricity ( plug and socket) 

Batteries :

Electricity :

smileyThen a mini-projectsmiley . Can you make a poster where MAINS electricity comes from? 15 House points for each person who makes a well presented poster about how electricity is made.


How was the EASTER holidays? Hope you are well. Normally, you would be back into school and we would be working hard in all our subjects to learn, gain knowledge and improve all sorts of skills. Well, it looks like at least a few more weeks of lockdown and we have to keep on getting used to working at home. Don't forget to do the weekly tasks ( below this)

In addition, there is STUDYZONE. A shout out to Ahlam in 4M for coming top in the leaderboard! Lots of house points for you when we get back.  Here is the school league table for Studyzone.  

I wonder if there is anyone else in year 4 that can get in this top 10?smiley


Monday 20th April

Poetry Corner: 

I am poems are a great way to think about yourself and reflect about what you think is important. Read this one: 


What does she hope to do in the future?  


Put a heading in your workbook 'I am poems'     Write your own I am poem. Use the one below to help you.  Begin with 1.  I am ________________  2. I wonder___________   3. I hear__________    4. I see___________      5. I want_____________  6. I am____________.  Then use the below example to carry on writing yours. 

Don't forget to go to the TTRS web page on our website to check who won the grand final and who were the smileytopyes players for each year group. Click on the link below:

Friday 3rd April 

Well, its soon Easter holidays. Keep on going on to active learn. I have put on some books to read. Just go into active learn and you will find different books to  read. 

Here is an example of one book:


Time to do some drawing! Eagles are awesome birds. Top predators. or a harder one to try: 

TTRS UPDATE: Well done 4 M and 4B for winning their matches

Thursday 2nd April

Well done 4M players:  Aroon, Isa and Yousaf for your effort in TTRS. The rest of 4M get logged on and practice those times-tables and as a TEAM, get over the finishing line. 4B- well done Jessica, Zainab, Jacob and Jonah for leading your class in trying to beat 5M. 


SPANISH: Lets do some revision with Irene.


Then Put a heading in our work books  Animals   Watch the video and write down the names of the animals in Spanish and English. eg. un perro - dog


Wednesday 1st of April

TTRS: Well done to Jessica and Aroon for really working for the teams to get those points on the board. Come on, the rest of you, the matches finish tomorrow! 

Geography: .

Can you identify the physical features of the UK ? . ? 


Putting the heading Physical features of the UK  Click on this link and read. watch the video. Scroll down the web page ands you will see this: 



 Then put some sub headings mountains, rivers , national parks, forests, coastlines, Islands . And write a report on each section: (don't forget, we need to keep on top of our writing skills !) When we get back: smiley 10 house points for each person who has had a  go at this report.   


TTRS results and league table. Click on this link to read about the latest scores and positions and fixtures.

Tuesday 31st March

It is the last day of March. How are you guys doing ? keep playing TTRS as its the semi-finals and 4 M play 6F . The winner of this game, goes into the GRAND FINAL! 

4B you are playing 5M to see who can be the best out of the lower part of the league table. Don't forget, girl power ! 4 Girls get over 2000 points and you get an extra two league points! 


smileyTwo subjects today: smiley

1. Science- Electricity. Put the heading Electricity and make some notes about what it is ( electricity)  using the videos and information.  In addition, what are conductors and insulators? 


2. Active Learn:                    Lots of new activities to do in SPAG and Science. The screen shot is from a spelling game, I have added. 

Monday 30th March


Some of you love poems. Poems are a way of people sharing things on their heart. Read these poems about 'fear' In your Work book, put the title 'Fear Poems

1. Look at the poems. Which one is your favourite? Explain why.


2. Read this poem. What does fear  do to people? What does the poet suggest we do to help us defeat fear?





3. Why should we NOT walk in fear? 


Thinking abut our RE topic, the following poem links nicely.

4. What has God not promised?




5. What has God promised?   


6. What do you learn about fear from the quote below? 

7. List three things fear does

8. What must we do to the things fear feeds us? Can you give your own an example where you challenged a fear you had?  

Friday 27th March


What's the work for today? Well, let us do some Maths. Don't forget the maths work in the pack that was sent home with you . Oh, don't forget to scroll down this web page and look for the links to weekly work and also this weeks postings of work to be done at home .

In addition, I have found a great website with videos to watch and worksheets for you to do.yes Lets keep learning, and remembering that if we don't go over and over work done, that our brains get 'leaky' and we begin to forget information. When we get back to school, and that could be a few weeks after Easter : we want to make sure we have been revising and practicing all our subjects to stop us falling behind. smiley

Website:   Go to it: watch the video and download the worksheet. Answer in the work book. mark it with the answers found on the website. 

Thursday 26th March 


Hola! como estas?  time to learn some Spanish today. 

Watch the video about the house and names of rooms



Then in your work book put the heading Spanish Household Vocab

Make a list of the rooms and items and put the Spanish equivalent ( at least 15 items and places) 

eg. 1.  el dormitorio -  bedroom

2. la cocina- Kitchen 

3. La Puerta- 


Can you use the internet to find the Spanish for:

Supermarket, TV, curtain, window, remote control, tap and cushion?


A shout out to Mohammed N for being on active learn and completing the tasks. 

Wednesday 25th March


Bob is looking to go on holiday after this Pandemic. He wants to visit the major cities of the UK but he doesn't know where. This where is has asked you guys to help him out. 

Firstly, you need to play this quiz about the cities to remind you of the main ones; Can you beat the record score of 13.4 seconds?

Then there is a harder quiz to do.  Try this quiz aswell:

Put in your work book Top ten cities of the UK 

Use this website to start off with

( scroll down the page) and write 5 facts each about the top ten cities of the UK including where to visit in that city ( places to see and visit)  

for eg

Manchester: 1.  It is the 7th biggest city in the UK 

2. it has a population of 393515 people . 3. It is found in the North West of England. 4. Places to visit is Man United's Football ground 5. Museum of science and industry


TTRS shout out to Najma for moving up the leader board and helping our class get closer to 6F total. 


Tuesday 24th March


Hi Guys !  Firstly well done to Mohammed N for getting 100% in the active learn games and


also Mumtaz and Jeremiah for doing lots of the tasks. Come on guys, the rest need to catch up and try some of the tasks set! 

Also: We are losing in TTRS! We have to catch up and beat those 6F! Two days until this battle finishes! Well done to Aroon for getting the most and Abdi, Levi and Isa for lots of coins ! Aroon, Abdi, Levi and Isa's scores !


Todays task: Go the science museum and try this activity. Also they have some great science games to play online. Click on the link below:


MONDAY 23rd March. 

Hey guys ! How are you all doing ? Click on the TTRS link to see the latest score! We need to keep on playing to beat the year 6 ! We want to finish as high as possible in the league table. 

So, keep on working through the work pack- and looking at the links below. I will be checking to see if you have been on TTRS and active learn.


Right! Today's activity is to look at some poetry. 

1. Read the poems

2. Answer these questions in your work book . Put the title Hope Poems

a. What is the theme of all the poems?

b. Which is you favourite one? Explain why 

c. Why might these poems be helpful to people? 

d. Reading these poems. Can you list 5 things that hope can do for people?

e.g 1. it is the thing that makes you get up and go

2.           3.         4.        5.  

10 house points for anyone who can write a poem on hope ( at least 6 lines)



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