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Brookfields Primary School

Year 5

smileyWelcome to Year 5 ! smiley


Here is our page to let you know about our learning journey in Year 5 and some key reminders for activities going on in the week. 


***Remember P.E has changed to Monday for this half term***


  • For those who have been elected to practise playing the Ukelele with Mr Wood - Ukeleles need to be in on Wednesdays
  • Basketball club is on Tuesday for boys and Thursday for girls, after school. 
  • The last day for homework to be in is Wednesday.


Remember to bring your group reading book, reading records and reading for pleasure books in. Reading for pleasure books go home everyday and reading books will go home every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and need to be in school every day.

These will be needed for reading groups, reading with adults and independent reading each day! smiley

Miss Collier (5C) and Mr Miles (5M)



Don’t forget to click the Food Discovery Star to see what we have been doing with our project!


5C had a great time selling treats on the playground! We made signs so people knew the price, sang a song to entice the customers and worked out change. We had so much fun!

5C have been busy preparing for a Market! Come and visit us on the playground on Tuesday 17th May after school to buy some tasty treats,

This term Year 5 have been having Football lessons from some visiting coaches. They have really enjoyed learning new skills and have even played some matches.

Red Nose Day 18th March

Science Week

This week has been science week, the theme is grow. We have been discussing different things that can grow. We have taken part in two challenges. We planted sunflower seeds to see if we can grow the tallest sunflower and have been making towers out of newspaper to see if we can make the strongest.

World Book Day

We looked at the book ‘We Are All Wonders’. We had a great discussion about inclusivity and how it feels to feel left out. We wrote some short stories based on this story and created some art work to represent ourselves and show how we are all wonders. Have a look at our drawing below.


We also went to KS1 to share some of our favourite stories- check out Year 2’s page to see us sharing our books!


In our Art we have been studying Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He used fruit to create paintings of faces so we tried to do it ourselves using mediums. Have a look at some of our creations below.

Cooking Sessions - The Country Trust Food Discovery course.

Children in Need

5C enjoyed eating their cupcakes whilst doing some mindful colouring in their pjs! Thank you Year 6 for making them!!

Growing food with the Country trust.

Monday 15th November

Today we had a visit from Portals to the Past! We spent the whole day learning about Anglo Saxons and Vikings to finish our history project. We did so many activities and learnt lots of new things. Look at the pictures below to find out what we did!

We heard and acted out lots of stories about the gods and battles

We played traditional games

We wrote Kennings

Here are some of our amazing outfits

We even found out about weapons

WB 1.11.21

In Geography we have been learning about how the UK has changed over time. So far we have looked at how borders and countries have changed because of conflict and movement and how the coastlines have changed because of erosion.

Look at the pictures below that show the before and after of our mini coastline experiment where the waves of the sea made the coastline erode and fall into the sea.

Week Beginning 18th October

This week we have been writing newspaper reports on The Lighthouse. After watching the story and writing the setting description we knew the story well so could write about the events that happened that night.

Read some of our reports below,

Making Paper Chain Time Lines



We have been looking at the Anglo Saxons. We investigated what happened during their time in the United Kingdom. We made a paper chain timeline. 


Poetry Day- Thursday 7th October

This year our poem was ‘The Tyger’ By William Blake. All week we have been looking at it in Guided Understanding so we tried to write our own. We have also been acting out the poem to help us to understand it. In the afternoon, we drew our own tigers. It was very hard but we all persevered to create some lovely sketches! Have a look at some of our pictures from the day below.

Anglo-Saxon Brooches

We have been looking at what the Anglo-Saxon and Vikings used to wear including accessories. For the last week we have been looking at brooches- the shapes, the patterns and the colours. We designed our own brooches and painted them. Then we made them out of clay. Look at our work below!

Thursday 23rd September

We kick started our learning about the 5 steps to well-being with a visitor who told us all about how to Take 5. We talked about and did some activities relating to 'Give', 'Be Active', 'Keep Learning', 'Connect' and 'Take Notice'. Including working in groups and using some question prompts to take notice of each others hobbies and favourite things.


Friday 24th September

Today we focused on 'Keep Learning' and learnt a new skill- sketching life-like eyes! Have a look at some our work below! What is something new you have learnt recently?

5 Steps to Well-Being


Bottom Information


Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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