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Brookfields Primary School

Year 6

Welcome to Year 6!


Here you will find out all about what we have been learning in school. You will also find some useful links that can be used at home as well as your homework tasks, which are uploaded weekly.


Please check back regularly for updates.


Miss Ledbury and Miss Nasar (Class teachers)



It is so sad that our time at Brookfields is coming to an end. We are sad that our families were unable to share our leavers production in person but as they say in show business,  the show must go on! 

Here is the link below to watch our performance of Prexit.


Prexit - Class of 2021

3D Heart

This week the children were tasked with creating a 3D model of the heart. We are super proud of the effort that they have put in.



My Favourite Memory


For homework this week, we shared our favourites memories of our time at Brookfields Primary School. Have a look at some of our work below.


National Empathy Day


For National Empathy Day, we designed our own empathy glasses. We used these to help us empathise with a character from our class novel.


In 6N we had a go at using the IPADs to practise our handwriting. It is much harder then it looks. 

Breakfast in Spanish


For homework this week, Year 6 were instructed to create a Power Point or poster on the different types of breakfast people have in Spain. Have a look at some examples below.


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

National Numeracy Day


Today we celebrated National Numeracy Day at school. We were given a square with multiple tiles. Our aim was to reach the black tile. To do this we had a few rules to follow. Our aim was to use as many tiles as possible to get to the black tile.



Eid Party

Today at Brookfields Primary School we all joined in to celebrate Eid. We had a lot of fun and we learnt about what Eid is and why it is so important.

We have been learning all about WW2. This is a topic which has really engaged children. Here are some examples of our homework where we created power points to show what we have learnt.


Still image for this video

Maryan Ahmed

Still image for this video


Still image for this video

During our Guided Reading lesson, we have been completing activities linked with our group novel or our independent reading book. Below are some examples of our work.

In History we have been learning about the Blitz. We were assigned to research all about the Blitz. We used our findings to help us present the facts.

For Art we looked at the work of Henry Moore, Henry was an official WW2 artist. 

One evening in autumn 1940, Moore took cover from an air raid in Belsize Park underground station. Looking around at the people sheltering there, he became 'fascinated by the sight of people camping out deep under ground'. On returning to his studio he made some drawings from memory. When Kenneth Clark, chairman of the War Artists Advisory Committee, saw the pictures he commissioned further drawings and appointed Moore
as an official war artist. We used his work as inspiration, take a look at our work.

For our history topic this term we have been looking at WW2. We explored what evacuation is and what life was like for an evacuee during WW2.  The children wrote letters from the perspective of an child evacuated during the war. The children edited and published their final piece. Take a look at their work below.

We have been sharing our favourite books or the books we are currently reading.

For homework this week, Year 6 designed a poster to share information about Spanish fruits and vegetables they have been learning. Take a look at the children’s amazing work. How many fruits and vegetables do you know in Spanish?

Year 6 have had the opportunity to do bikeability. This teaches us how to ride safely out on the road. We are happy to say that many of the children who participated passed. Well done everyone. 

In Maths, we have been using concrete materials to help us form/create equations. Can you work them out?

Check out our 'published' writing!

After our boxing ring debate, we explored how to use our arguments to support us when writing a non-bias discussion text.

Miss O'Rourke was ready to 'explode' with pride at the work we completed! She was so proud she displayed everyone's writing in school for all the other children and teachers to see, read and enjoy. 

Here is a picture of our display.




We have been debating!

We have been discussing the 'controversial issue' of the extension of our school day to support 'catch-up' after the pandemic. We had lots of points for and against this issue.

We had lots of fun holding our boxing ring debates (as you can see in the photos)!

In the end, when we voted, the outcome was a 'draw'. We couldn't decide who won as everyone really argued their points well and made many valid points.

Our focus was on article 12 - everyone has the right to their say/opinion and to be heard.

In Science we have been learning about living things. We tested to see if yeast is living. To be a living thing, it will have to show all 7 characteristics of a living thing. Here are some photos of us conducting the investigation and our results.



In year 6 we designed our own red noses and completed a quiz and puzzle linked with the importance of Red Nose Day.  We dressed up and donated money to charity to help those in need. Have a look at some of our work.

In English we have been debating. We have learnt about the language of debate and then tried to carry out our own boxing ring debate. 
In Science we have started our new topic - Living things and their habitats. We have looked at the characteristics of living things and how these are use to classify. We used this method to try to group and classify liquorice allsorts. We have also started our investigation of observer how mold grows over time - what are the best conditions for mold to grow?

Monday 14th December - Thursday 17th December 2020

This week for visual literacy we have been doing work around The Nutcracker. On Monday we "went to the ballet" and watched the performance. We all got dressed up and enjoyed the interval snacks. 

We then drew comic strips to retell a scene from the performance before making our own puppets and stage to recreate a scene. 

We have all ready enjoyed our learning this week and here are a few pictures of what we have done. 

15.12.20 Christmas Jumper Day


Welcome to another day at our school. Today at Brookfields Primary School it is Christmas jumper day. Take a look at what the children are wearing today.


14.12.20 The Nutcracker 


Have a look at some of Year 6 dressed up ready for the theatre experience at Brookfields Primary School. 

Our Learning (Miss O'Rourke's Group) Look what we have been learning today! (8.12.20)

Bullying: What can I do?

If you're being bullied, or if someone you know is being bullied, there are a number of different options you can try to make it stop, or to help you deal wi...

The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020

Watch with us as over a million students across the UK come together for The Big Anti-Bullying Assembly 2020.

We started off Anti Bullying week by sharing compliments with each other. We wanted to make everyone feel special and know that they are not alone if they are a victim of bullying. Children were made aware of who they can go to for help and support.


Anti-Bullying Week 2020: United Against Bullying

We learnt about the importance of standing united against bullying. 

Friday 13th November

Today for Children In Need, we came into school wearing our pyjamas. This years theme is all about wellbeing and 5 to thrive. Our sessions this morning have all linked to these. 

Here are some pictures of our morning.

Wednesday 11th November

We were visited by King Edwards to have a Wellbeing session. We learnt about the 5 key things to ensure good wellbeing. These were: 

be active

take notice



keep learning


Here are some photos of us doing these activities.


Wednesday 11th November

For Armistice Day we made poppies and wrote words of remembrance on them before putting in the ground to create our own little rememberance garden.


Wednesday 11th November 2020 (11am) Today we did a 2 minute silence to commemorate and show respect to our armed forces .

We are so proud of our writing! We can't wait to share more with you! What do you think of our work?

The Poppy Story (First Level & up).

Wednesday 11th November 2020
Today is 'Remembrance Day'. Today we observed a two minute silence at 11am - the 11th day of the 11th month.
We have been learning all about Remembrance Day in our reading session with Miss O'Rourke.

Maths Week (10.11.20) Can you complete the problems?

Monday 9th November 2020 (Maths Week)

Tuesday 20th October 2020


Today we had portals to the past visit us for our Victorian Day.

Here are a few photos and what we learnt from the day, which was very informative.


We learnt that schools and school uniform were invented during the Victorian Era. Here is a hat from Eaton, a very prestigious school where people have to pay to attend.


If you made a mistake at school during Victorian Times, children were made to wear the dunce hat and stand in the corner. You would have to face the wall all day, including missing your lunchtime.


We then had to recite our arithmetic, if we got it wrong for the school inspector, then our teacher would not get paid for that term.



If you missed behaved, you would get hit. (No child was hit or hurt during today’s session, we were just acting.)



We learnt how the Victorians sent messages through wires and they could send messages to America, India and Australia. The messages were a series of beeps which translated to letters. A messenger would then write the note and take it to the recipient who would then pay them. 

Another job which Victorian children may have had were being a chimney sweep. Children would be squeezed up the chimney to clean it and they would light the fire beneath them so they did not fall down.


We then acted out stories putting movement to the words of the story.





This afternoon we looked at a range of artefacts and played with some Victorian toys.

Tuesday 20th October 2020


It is 'Victorian Day' today in Y6.

Our pupils are very excited about what they will be learning today!

Here is some of our Art work on display from poetry day last week. 

Today Year 6 had a live session all about Internet Safety!  



We really enjoyed it.

Royal Children Interview Sir David Attenborough About Wildlife Conservation

Today in English, I briefly mentioned this video clip. We did not get a chance to look at this together, so I have added it to the website for you to have a look at.
Miss O'Rourke

On Friday it is Big Write. This week we will be writing a non-chronological report on the Great White Shark. You may want to start thinking about this in advance and researching some interesting facts.

For the lesson we will be watching the following two videos which will also provide some information and facts.

Shark Teeth.mp4

Still image for this video
In Year 6 we have been reading holes as our class novel and using this as our writing stimulus in English as well. We have also been working really hard to follow our new handwriting scheme of letterjoin. Here is our display of some of our final published pieces of description writing all about the yellow spotted lizard as well as some focused art work on some of its distinguishable features.  We are all really proud of our work!

Thursday 1st October 2020

Today is ‘National Poetry Day’. We will be exploring a poem titled, ‘The Kingfisher’ from the book ‘ The Lost Words’. We will post some photos of our work linked with this.

Check out some of the beautiful music linked with this below.

The Lost Words Blessing

Provided to YouTube by IIP-DDS The Lost Words Blessing · The Lost Words: Spell Songs, Julie Fowlis, Karine Polwart, Seckou Keita, Kris Drever, Rachel Newton,...

Today we had a special letter delivered into class.

First we read the poem before acting out the poem, bring the words alive. Then we recreated the Kingfisher picture using a range of art techniques.

We had a go at using feathers and ink to write our poems.

Here are some examples of our finished artwork.

Take a look at some of our fantastic pieces of artwork. We used tea bags to create the background and used water colours to paint the kingfisher. 



Thursday 1st October 2020

Today we used the ipads to practise our letter join handwriting. It was much harder than writing in our books but we were able but it was fun!


Wednesday 30th September 2020

Who is the fastest kid in town? You guessed it... 
Can you beat his time?

Good Luck! 

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Still image for this video
Who is the fastest kid in town? You guessed it.... one of our lovely Year 6 pupils! Keep it up!

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Instead of Miss ORourke giving us our ‘normal questions’ in guided understanding, we got to work with our partner to make our own retrieval questions. We used question stems to support us and then we answered each other’s questions. It was lots of fun!

Wednesday 30th September 2020

Today in English we used 2B and 4H pencils to draw and shade our own pictures of the Yellow-Spotted Lizard from our class novel ‘holes’. We were bringing the words from the text to life! 


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