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Brookfields Primary School

YH Year 1/2

Welcome to YH


Teacher - Mrs Hussain 

PSA - Miss Shaheen 


Here you will find information about what we have been learning in school. You will also find some useful website links that can be used at home.


Our Week




  • Phonics and Reading for Pleasure books to be returned.

  • Reading for pleasure book sent out. 

TuesdayMulti Skills after School club with Mr. Francis - Please ask at the school office for further information.  


  • P.E in the afternoon.  Please remember to bring your P.E kit into school.  

  • Phonics Reading books sent out


Key information

Please bring labelled water bottles daily.

Please bring books bags to school daily. 

Please label items of clothing. 


Click on the Stars below for more information. 

We celebrated the Queens Jubilee!

We have been practising the running stitch ready for our final piece in D&T!

This half term we will be looking at toys from the past. We enjoyed talking about our favourite toys and the materials they have been made with.


We completed an experiment over time. We looked at some beads and made some predictions about how they could grow. We added water and realised they did not grow. We asked questions and made simple observations. The next morning we came and noticed the beads were much bigger. We asked lots of questions and were amazed by the growth. We used words such as absorb to explain what had happened.



We had a shock this morning! When we arrived all of our chairs were gone...even Mrs Hussain and Mrs Shaheen were missing!

We all recieved letters from our chairs!



We spent some time this morning reading our letters - all of our chairs left for different reasons! We enjoyed reading each others as well!




We create some art work inspired by Duncan from 'The Day the Crayons Quit'

World Book Day 2022


02/02 A visit to Lapworth Museum 




We had a wonderful visit to Lampworth Museum which linked in with our learning in History.  We spent the morning with Izzy handling fossils, creating fossil prints and going on a fossil hunt around the museum!


After our picnic lunch, we spent some time exploring and sketching the fossils. 




We looked at different fossils and used a magnifying glass to look closely and make observations.

Sketching our favourite fossils

We met an Allosaurus, his name was Roary.

We enjoyed a picnic lunch in the garden!

We went on a hunt around the museum to find lots of different information.

26.01.22 Plants

This week, we have started to look at our Science topis which is all about plants.  


We will be thinking about: 


What does a plant need to grow?

What plants can you find outside?

What are the parts of a plant?


27.01.22 What are the parts of a plant?


Today in Science, we have been looking at parts of a plant. 

Can you name and remember what the different parts do?


Fossil Hunting



This is a super exciting term in KS1.  We are starting our project on Fossil Hunting.  


What is it like to be a fossil hunter?

How do you identify fossils?

How are fossils formed?

Who are the real fossil hunters?



What are fossils?


They are remains or traces of ancient life. 


Fossils of big animals like T-rex are very rare. Rare means there are not many of them. Fossils of smaller creatures like ammonites and trilobites are much easy to find.

Portraits of Mary Anning

We have been using the clay resources to create textures for our fossils.

Do rocks tell a story?

Mary Anning - The Fossil Hunter

Still image for this video

How are fossils formed?

Still image for this video

We enjoyed our Christmas meal!


Part and whole model


In maths we have been using the part and whole model.  Watch the videos below to find out how the whole part model has been used for addition within 10, finding the missing part and addition fact families.  


Can you make a whole part model at home and have a go at writing addition fact families for numbers within 10?


Addition within 10

Still image for this video
This video is an introduction into addition and subtraction. It teaches children how to add numbers within 10, using a part-whole model.

Finding a missing part

Still image for this video
This video is a continuation of the addition and subtraction videos. It teaches children how to find a missing part in a number sentence, using a part-whole model.

Addition Fact Families

Still image for this video
This video is a continuation of the addition and subtraction videos. It teaches children about addition fact families, using part-whole models.


What do animals do during the winter?


This week in science, we have been looking at animals in winter.  We asked the question 'What do animals do during winter?' 


We have learnt three new words: adapt, hibernate and migrate.


Adapt – Some animals adapt, which means they change their behaviour or bodies. Some animals grow thicker fur to keep warm, some eat food which they have collected in the autumn and saved for winter, and other animals eat different kinds of food as the seasons change.


Hibernate: Some animals hibernate for some, or all, of the winter because the weather is cold and it is hard to find food. They find a safe place and fall into a very deep sleep. They don’t need to eat because during the autumn they eat extra food to help feed them in winter.


Migrate– Some animals migrate, which means they travel to another place where the weather is warmer and it’s easier to find food.


Click on the links below to watch a video.


Getting Ready for Hibernation! | How Animals Get Ready for Winter | SciShow Kids - YouTube


Migrations: Big Animal Trips | Science for Kids - YouTube



We are Scientists!


This week, in Science we are learning all about seasons.  Watch the video below or follow the link to find out more with Seymore Science!


What are the seasons? - BBC Bitesize - Seymour Science 

Science Seasons

Still image for this video


A Weather Walk


We went on a walk to observe the weather in Autumn. 


We also observed the tree in the playground.  Can you talk about how this tree has changed? How did it look in the summer? How has it changed in Autumn?


Year 2 English Film Unit

Still image for this video
This half term, Year 2 will be studying Zahra as part of our English. We will be writing setting descriptions, character descriptions, and a short narrative linked to the film.

The United Kingdom


This half term, as part of Geograohy we learnt all about the United Kingdom and its capital city.  Watch the video below and answer the following questions: 



  • Where is the UK on a world map?
  • What seas/oceans are around the UK?
  • What continent is the UK in?
  • How many countries are in the UK? What are they?
  • What is a capital city?
  • What are the capital cities of the UK?
  • Is London a city, town or village?


Let's explore the UK - BBC Bitesize - you can also explore the UK with Freya and her uncle Bob! 

The United Kingdom

Still image for this video

We have loved listening to this song!

Still image for this video

October 2021 

We are artists!


Bottom Information


Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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