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Welcome to Year 5's Blog

Hear all the important updates about our learning.

We will be updating this page with news and photos soon.

Have any suggestions? Let your class teacher know.

-- 4.12.18 --


We've been asking ourselves, what is a mountain? 

Originally, we all thought of triangles and pyramids, but we discovered a whole range of different types of mountains and their features.


Can you remember what a plateau mountain is?

Next week, we'll discovered how these and other mountains are formed.

Explore more at home here:


-- Can we fall off the Earth? --



We had to convince Miss Mitchell that the Earth is spherical not flat.

For thousands of years, many people believed that the Earth was flat; after all, when you look at the horizon (where the sky meets the land) it looks that way.



 Scientists, astrologers, explorers and even holiday day makers have helped prove that the Earth is spherical. Have a look at some of the evidence we found:



You can watch this video on the BBC to discover more.


 -- Front Row Seats --





To link with our project, we are going to be exploring different theatre designs. 

Get inspired with some of these virtual tours:


The Rep in Birmingham (click TD, TS and TH to see each of the different stages)

Redditch Palace Theatre

Warwick Art Centre

Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-Upon-Avon

The Royal Opera House in London

Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London

Mercury Theatre in Manchester


Which is your favourite?

Do you recognise the theatre in the picture?


Check out the first steps in making our own theatres in Sketch-Up.

Find a link to a free version of Sketch-up you can use at home in 'Things for Home'.






-- New Blog Alert -- 

October 2018


With our new blog up and running, we shared lots of ideas about the stories we wanted to share. Check out this special post by two pupils in 5AM, updating you on the best parts of the year so far.


I’ve enjoyed lots of things in Year 5. Especially, on the first day when we were playing lots of games - I loved it. I really like geography.  At break ztime, I like when I play with my friends and when we all play with the Lego.


I loved it when Year 5 went to the Theatre: On Wednesday October 24th, we went to the Old Rep Theatre to share our Shakespeare play [A Midsummer Night’s Dream]; it was awesome! Our play was about 30 minutes long, then we had to stay in the dressing room for 30 mins, while the other class were performing their play [Romeo and Juliet]. We had to rehearse and stay at the theatre until 10pm. All of the food made me full. It was a great experience.



-- We're Singing in the Rain --



It might be grey skies outside, but Year 5 know how to make the most of wet weather playtimes. 

Whether it's a good book, lego creations or a bit of extra practise on the ukulele before a lesson with Mr Wood.



-- Are you ready to be scared? --

October 2018


We've been inspired by the mystery and suspense of Tom's Midnight Garden.

 The story, which was written by Phillips Pearce, includes a strange grandfather clock which strikes thirteen, ghostly figures and a garden that disappears in the day.





Would you be brave enough to open the door?



-- Black History Month --

October 2018


During Black History Month, we celebrated many inspiring people.

We learnt about Maya Angelou, a poet and writer, who fought for equal rights in America.

We wrote our own poems about standing up and being brave, even when people puts us down.



Learn more about what Black History Month is and why it's important here.






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