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Brookfields Primary School

Supporting your Child's Mental Health and Well-Being

Dear Parents,


As time passes, some frustrations/difficulties may be starting to 'kick in' causing your child/ren to feel unsettled at this challenging time.


Mostly, we consider/think that our children understand what is happening in our world because we have all been talking about things and it all over the media, but have we given our children the chance to share their understanding or express how they are feeling?

The resources below can be used to help open up conversations with your child/ren to share any worries they may have and give them the opportunity to explore and express themselves during lock down, which in turn will help children to cope/managed their feelings and thoughts.


When children are worried or anxious about things, this can impact on  their behaviour and well-being. By having conversations, listening to how they are feeling, and exploring what their understanding of the situation is, it allows you to put their mind at ease and share what you are doing to ensure you, them and others are safe and well.


Mrs Kacem

Even when we’re isolated, good relationships are just as important as ever, offering the love, care  and connection we need for these difficult times. Try and keep contact with family and friends by calling or face timing - they are a great source of happiness, you could even discuss and make plans of what you will look forward to doing together once all this is over.  Taking care of our well-being can help us maintain those relationships in many ways and help keep frustration and tension at bay.  Along with this it is important we take care of our bodies and minds, eating well and take daily exercise is essential for physical and mental health and well-being. As the period of lock down extends further you may be looking for other ways to help support your well-being, please take a look at the link below for some idea's. There is also a link to the NHS website who are also offering some great tips! 


Sadly, during these uncertain times we will have heard so much in the news, social media etc about people losing their battle with Covid 19. If you and your family have been effected personally by this  resource could help support you and your family.

Coronavirus Fact Sheet for Children

Think about all the random acts of kindness you have already done during this lockdown period. Are there anymore that you could do? Could you do at least one a day for the rest of this week? It could be sending a nice message to a friend or family member, or you could draw a nice picture for someone in your family or it could be doing something for yourself like reading or singing or dancing – something that makes you happy.

Take a look at the cookbook below it's about Mental Health Champions sharing their stories and some delicious recipes too.

Please find below some excellent resources to help support your child's well-being during Covid-19 lockdown.
These resources will help support your child's transition to their secondary school.

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Safeguarding Information

At Brookfields safeguarding of pupils is at the forefront of everything we do. Check out our safeguarding page for the latest information and advice.

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